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Fujitsu SPARC Servers

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08 April, 2014
New Systems Contribute to IT Investment Optimization with Industry Leading Performance(Press Release)
Enhanced Fujitsu M10 Servers Featuring the New SPARC64 X+ Processors(Feature Story)
Shaping Tomorrow Through Modernization and Innovation with Fujitsu M10(New Video)
Proven Performance: Fujitsu M10 set 15 World Records(Benchmarks)

Fujitsu M10

Fujitsu M10 is sold as SPARC M10 by Fujitsu in Japan. 
Fujitsu M10 and SPARC M10 are identical products.

Fujitsu M10-1

Fujitsu M10-1

Powerful entry level solution

Fujitsu M10-1 More Information

Fujitsu M10-4

Fujitsu M10-4

Reliable computing platform in a rackable footprint

Fujitsu M10-4 More Information

Fujitsu M10-4S

Fujitsu M10-4S

Enterprise application platform with stability, scalability and asset protection

Fujitsu M10-4S More Information


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