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Open Source

FUJITSU Software Enterprise Postgres

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, an open source PostgreSQL-based database system, is the outcome of Fujitsu’s experience in developing Enterprise databases for over 30 years and contributions to the open source PostgreSQL community for the world most advanced open source database system. The strength of PostgreSQL along with the enhanced features makes FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres the high performance, high reliability and cost effective enterprise ready database.

Midokura Enterprise MidoNet

Adoption of OpenStack is increasing rapidly, as is the number of customers using OpenStack to create cloud environments Midokura Enterprise MidoNet provides virtual networks on cloud environments in coordination with OpenStack.Using Midokura Enterprise MidoNet it is possible to create scalable virtual networks with better "fault resistance" and "stability" than provided by the standard OpenStack. Furthermore, as virtual networks are created using the Overlay method , it is possible to utilize existing physical networks.