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Global Server


Enterprise information systems in the 21st century must be able to handle new basic tasks by processing valuable resources collected through the Internet. We propose a GlobalServer for use as the core server in a multiserver system, and remain committed to enhancing high GlobalServer performance and reliability, while enhancing the basis of network computing and multiple servers. To fully satisfy customer needs, we consider the centralized collection and processing of data to be essential. This presentation details recent developments in our GlobalServer strategy for enterprise information systems in the 21st century.

Product Lineup

GS21 1600GS21 1600 GS21 1400GS21 1400


Green ICTGreen ICT Approach
Fujitsu is using its long environmental experience, know-how and leading technology, to meet the environmental expectations of Globalserver users through continuous provision of a Green ICT Approach.

TechnologyTechnology -High performance/reliability
New compact high reliability design is making the latest Globalserver systems better performing, more stable, and less costly to own and operate.