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Digital Annealer

Digital Annealer


Digital Annealer is an innovative approach towards computing that embraces the advantages of quantum and classical computing to solve the most complex problems businesses face.

Digital Annealer opens up new business opportunities

AI and data science has been a major focus area for businesses that want to take it to the next level.

Currently solving challenges of a Combinatorial Optimization nature requires immense amount of computational power that can only be met by quantum computing methods as opposed to classical computing methods that are in use today.

Digital Annealer and combinatorial optimization

Combinatorial optimization refers to finding the most optimal solution from a finite set of options. However, as the finite set of options increases, the computation power and the time needed to find the solution increases exponentially.

For example, in the case of the 'traveling salesman', if the number of cities travelled to by the salesman is 30 then it will take the most powerful classical computer in the market today approximately 800 million years to find the shortest possible route.

However, Digital Annealer by Fujitsu, can solve this within a second.

Digital Annealer: An introduction

Fujitsu Digital Annealer uses a digital circuit design inspired by quantum phenomena. It has a fully connected architecture enabling freely exchanging signals solving large-scale combinatorial optimization problems instantly.

Digital Annealer has 1024-bit full interconections with 16-bit precision that can achieve high accuracy of 65,536 scale which is higher than any other quantum annealing technology that uses superconducitivity today. Most of all, Digital Annealer can operate at normal temperature without the need for absolute zero (-273.15°C) temperatures for functioning at quantum state.

Digital Annealer can effectively do the same with digital circuits at room temperature and can fit into a datacenter rack without needing any specific expertise or a complex infrastructure to run or function.

Optimize and Innovate with Digital Annealer

  • Faster Molecule Similarity Search

    Chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories use molecule similarity searching, which partially extracts molecules’ characteristics, to search for new substances and to develop new drugs. Digital Annealer can search entire molecular structures without relying on extraction, thereby enabling accurate, instant similarity searching.

  • Low-risk, Diversified Investment

    Digital Annealer can find the ideal investment allocation to maximize returns by grouping stocks that correlate with price variations, thus optimizing portfolios and reducing risk. Digital Annealer can find the best permutation from among 20 or more stock names (equivalent to more than one quintillion permutations) instantly.

  • Optimized In-stock Part Placement

    In factories and distribution warehouses, the time it takes workers to walk around picking parts can be minimized by optimizing work routes and in-stock part placement. In fact, introducing Digital Annealer in Fujitsu group factories successfully reduced workers travel distance by 45 percent each month, increasing productivity significantly.

  • Personalized Digital Marketing Ads

    Digital marketing accuracy can be improved by delivering precise individually personalized content to webpage visitors, thereby increasing their willingness to buy. Digital Annealer allows instant display of customized content by providing data (such as age or gender) for each webpage element.

Applications of Digital Annealer

  • Route optimization: Finding the shortest path; ideal for searching quickest routes and public transportation
  • Identify network design problems: Designing optimal networks for communication networks, oil and gas pipelines
  • Optimizing delivery plans: Ideal for postal services and logistics services
  • Optimized placement of in-stock parts: In factories, stores and distribution warehouses
  • Optimized scheduling: For addressing factory worker shifts, sports tournament brackets
  • Disaster recovery planning: Providing an efficient and quick recovery, rescue and aid plan

Collaboration with Top-tier Global Partners

Fujitsu has established strategic partnership agreements with 1QBit (a Canadian company), the only vendor of commercial quantum computer software at the moment, and the University of Toronto, an internationally top-tier innovation hub.

Fujitsu Digital Annealer solution uses 1QBit software and its quantum algorithms that has become a standard in quantum computing.

This makes adopting and leveraging the benefits of Digital Annealer by customers currently researching or using quantum computers easy. There is no need to tweak applications.

Of course, our relationship with Fujitsu is real honor for all of us here 1QBit. 1QBit has been working with a number of companies focused on producing quantum hardware, but the Fujitsu digital annealer is one of the first pieces of really usable hardware that can leverage all of the research that 1QBit has engineered over the past four years

Andrew Fursman, CEO, 1QB Information Technologies Inc.

The world’s only vendor of commercial quantum computer software (as of December 2017) 2015 Technology Pioneer Award winner at the World Economics Forum

1QBit Press Release

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computers are based on the principles of quantum theory, which explains phenomena that occur at the atomic and subatomic levels, such as the behavior of electrons. In quantum mechanics, the phenomenon known as "superposition" refers to the simultaneous appearance of two different states, "0" and "1." This phenomenon forms the basis of "quantum bits," which can dramatically improve operation speeds.

While quantum computing is still at a nascent stage, a lot of countries and companies are already investing heavily in research and development to further realize this radical approach to computing.