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Managed Collaboration

Better communicate, manage, use and share information

Change meets flexibility

User expectations are rising all the time. They want an enhanced experience that makes working painless and seamless. They want to access and exchange information and communicate with each other at their fingertips. And that’s equally good for your business. With a more productive workforce that travels less you get more out of a working day.

Fujitsu has the size, technology and expertise to help companies get the most out of their collaboration infrastructure. Fujitsu is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has highly qualified specialists and extensive experience with Microsoft collaboration technologies. We have more than 30 years’ experience in architecture, planning, installation and operation of mission-critical back-end servers and storage systems.

Fujitsu Managed Collaboration offers, integrates, and manages Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Lync and File Services based on various service classes with different availability level and sizing options. Managed Collaboration is especially useful for organizations, which want to update their IT environment, provide an around-the-clock service, and reduce total cost of ownership. It is a cost-effective solution with transparent cost structure for improved budget planning. Large enterprises often look for an individual and flexible solution. Managed Collaboration allows customization and parameterization and enables customers to bring on new users and use Fujitsu’s computing and storage resources as needed. Managed

Fujitsu can help you to determine your business objectives and existing infrastructure, license ownership and agreements together with you and recommend a Collaboration Solution that best fits your needs. Fujitsu can perform the migration from your current email environment to the new Fujitsu Solution.

Fujitsu Managed Messaging

Fujitsu Managed Messaging consists of a dedicated server and storage infrastructure and Microsoft Exchange 2010 instance with optional backup services. Microsoft licenses can be deselected and provided by the customer as an option. It serves all types of users from executive and power users to deskless and mobile workers.

Fujitsu Managed Messaging is a flexible solution based on standardized solution blocks to meet specific customer requirements and compliance needs. It includes integration in the customer’s Active Directory and single sign on. Mailboxes can be accessed via a web browser or the Microsoft Outlook client. Managed Messaging can be provided with various services classes with defined availability. Services consist of infrastructure management of the messaging environment and service management, which are provided remotely. The messaging solution is monitored 24 x 7 and offers short reaction times for critical issues and includes second and third level support for authorized users. 1st level end user support can be added.

Fujitsu Managed SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated collaboration environment that allows staff to find the right information and share knowledge with colleagues. Using SharePoint, employees can instantly access business information, and collaborate with colleagues at the next desk or on the other side of the world and thus make them more productive.

Fujitsu Managed SharePoint offers different levels of service to reflect users’ needs such as how often they access the service, the level of functionality they need, whether they create or just view documents and the amount of storage they require. A range of consultancy and application development services are available such as migration to the latest version, custom development, setting up workflows and business processes, integration of the service with existing systems.

Fujitsu Managed Office Communication / Lync

Microsoft Lync delivers a fresh, intuitive user experience that brings together the different ways people communicate in a single interface. This unified experience facilitates rapid user adoption, while the ability to support a full range of communications from a single platform reduces both capital and operational costs. With Active Directory integration, Lync helps users find the right person to connect with, view their presence, and then communicate with them in the most effective way - via voice, video, or sharing an application or PowerPoint.

Managed Lync from Fujitsu relieves the customer from installing servers, purchasing licenses, worrying about security and integrating and managing the whole system. No upfront investment is needed. The price is charged on a monthly base.