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TIAM (BS2000)

The access method for interactive mode in BS2000, allowing input of commands directly from the terminal

Current version: V13.2

TIAM is the access method for interactive mode and based on the communication manager openNet Server. The dialog between the user of the terminal and the computer consists of a spontaneous sequence of commands, without prestructure, taken from the command language of the operating system. These commands, which are input directly at the terminal in interactive mode, enable functions such as the following to be performed:
  • file editiing
  • sorting
  • compiling and interactive program testing
  • initiation of batch jobs
  • activation of various character sets
  • display and modification of terminal characteristics.

Even user-written programs can be executed in interactive mode. They are started from the terminal by a command. The relevant macroinstructions, COBOL-CALL calls, and FORTRAN, PL/I and C interfaces are available at the program interface for terminal input and output, and can also handle 'logical' terminals.

Interactive operation is possible with all processors with BS2000 in the computer network from one terminal. The terminal user sends the allocation to the appropriate computer using access language relevant to the network. Interactive access in accordance with POSIX is possible.

As of Version 12.0, TIAM is a BS2000 subsystem and supports HIPLEX functionality in BS2000 as of V3.0. TIAM receives connection requests from the terminal, initiates a separate task for each connection (i.e. for each terminal), clears down the connection at the request of the user, and releases resources.