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Why Fujitsu Cloud?

Cloud services built on a strong foundation

As the world's third largest IT services provider and Japan’s number one ICT company, Fujitsu has the resources and experience needed to ensure your cloud journey is both successful and predictable. Our annual revenues, which amounted to ¥4.5 trillion ($55bn) in 2010/11, underpin an R&D program that has produced a flow of innovations and industry firsts — and over 34,000 patents.

For over a decade, Fujitsu has been creating the building blocks for cloud computing, investing heavily in cloud-based development on a global scale. By the end of this fiscal year this investment — from cloud data centers and clouds for sensor-based computing, to cloud interoperability and cloud security — will be over $2 billion. This is set to increase substantially in coming years in support of customers’ cloud goals.

Collaborative, outcome-focused approach

Fujitsu recognizes that organizations want to embrace cloud technologies and services at their own pace. So, we have developed a collaborative, four-step approach to help you practically and rapidly develop and navigate your own individual cloud adoption roadmap. This roadmap can include such areas as advice and assessment, to implementation and cloud management.

Robust cloud portfolio

Fujitsu has the most complete end-to-end cloud portfolio in the marketplace — covering trusted public, private and hybrid cloud options — which we are constantly evolving to meet your ongoing requirements.

Cloud track record

Fujitsu has created some of the world’s largest and most advanced cloud environments for both commercial and government organizations. It has also completed more Software as a Service projects than any other global systems integrator, giving you piece of mind that we know how to deliver results.

Extended partner ecosystem

Fujitsu recognizes that organizations need to draw on a wide range of expertise and technologies to meet sector-specific, country-specific and specialist requirements. That is why we partner closely with thousands of independent software vendors, consultants and systems integrators, ensuring we are ready to help customers fulfill their cloud ambitions.

Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

Fujitsu takes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously — addressing a variety of social issues and contributing to the creation of a human-centric, sustainable networked society. Our management teams focus on operational excellence through sound corporate governance and integrity, covering ethical, social and environmental aspects of the company. We have the industry’s most environmentally friendly data centers, servers and desktop solutions, and a low-carbon pedigree that you can ensure is being applied across all of our cloud offerings.