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Cloud Integration Platform

Delivering Bring Your Own Cloud for the enterprise - safely and simply

FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform provides a comprehensive platform enabling the successful adoption and management of cloud within your Enterprise.

There is little doubt that new cloud services allow businesses to innovate, cut costs and be more agile. However, while IT departments are well aware of the opportunity the cloud provides, they are compelled to consider the regulatory and security implications that such services bring.

The Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform provides a “single pane of glass” to seamlessly manage and integrate existing ICT systems alongside these cloud services, whether they are from Fujitsu or other cloud providers. All in a simple, consistent and compliant way. Watch the video to find out more.Open a new window

Managing Hybrid IT

As organizations become more heavily reliant on cloud, drawing on wide-ranging services from multiple providers, they will need to review their approach to service integration and end-to-end service management. This is especially in the case of a hybrid world of public and private cloud systems, along with other non-cloud applications.

As organizations increasingly seek to realize the benefits of the innovation and modernization that cloud can deliver, IT must ensure it can provide the necessary support. Governance models, integration processes and management systems need to change to handle this emerging hybrid IT model.

To learn more download “The White Book of Managing Hybrid IT” (1 MB) which is Fujitsu’s latest research that gives practical advice on how to respond to these emerging new challenges. Also look at the infographic that summarizes the findings.

Become a cloud enabler

Our Integration Platform enables you to support innovation across your business, delivering highly responsive ICT outcomes.
  • It puts you in control, allowing you to manage and integrate new services with existing infrastructure so that you’re monitoring and managing all business-critical IT
  • It includes a complete set of integration tools that will help you to remain flexible when sourcing and adopting new cloud services
  • It provides the platform for you to act as a cloud aggregator and enables the business to adopt a ‘Bring Your Own Cloud’ approach in a safe and simple way
  • It can be deployed on-premise (as a private cloud) or off-premise, with the option of self-managed or delivered as a Fujitsu managed service.
FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform - Putting you in control

Resource Provisioning and Reporting

Manage all the cloud infrastructure, platforms and software your business uses from a single, central portal.

Process and Data Integration

Deploy, manage and connect cloud and on-premise solutions to establish an integrated flow of services and systems to deliver support for new or improved business processes.

Data Management

Protect your data in cloud and non-cloud solutions managing all information regardless of location or provider.

System and Process Monitoring

Optimize the performance of cloud and non-cloud environments with a single view of resources and processes.

Service Management

Access end-to-end service management across cloud and non-cloud environments, ensuring performance and availability remains consistent.

Identity and Access Management

Control authentication, authorization and access across all cloud and in-house services to reduce risk.

Why choose Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform?

Everything you need to manage cloud successfully – all in one place

Our platform delivers the three key elements needed for effective cloud adoption:

  • A platform for cloud management
  • A powerful cloud based integration engine
  • A cloud aggregation solution

A trusted service provider with more cloud choice

Our cloud portfolio includes trusted-public, private-hosted, private-cloud and hybrid-cloud - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings as well as our integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

Integration experts that will guide and support you

We can help you to integrate on-premise and cloud-based services because of our 30 years of experience in delivering enterprise-class services for global organizations.