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fi Series Scanning Software

A high-quality, scalable & efficient document capture software portfolio.

When it comes to document capture, you need the best tools to get to what matters most-the information. That’s why we have created a portfolio of capture software that helps you leverage and optimize your document processing potential. We’ve got a range of powerful solutions for any industry.

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    PaperStream Capture Pro
PaperStream Lite

Special Apps


Allows direct and intelligent import (complete with index data) of documents into multiple local or remote SharePoint servers.

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Scanning starts by just one touch with various automated functions.
Supports two scanning modes:
Quick Menu pops up after scanning to allow the selection of the desired function such as Scan to email, print, folder, and more.
Direct scanning to a specific function such as Scan to email, print, folder and more

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The most powerful and reliable solution for check A4 scanner for banking and financial environment
Advanced decoding engines for: MICR fonts (CMC7&E13B), OCR fonts (OCR-A, OCR-B, numeric and alphanumeric) and barcodes (linear and bidimensional)
Outstanding acquisition performances and excellent quality image

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