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Fujitsu Forum 2016 - Fujitsu Forum 2016 : Fujitsu Česká republika

Why attend? There are lots of good reasons for attending Fujitsu Forum 2016. Click to register.

Reasons not to miss out Fujitsu Forum 2016, November 16-17

This year’s highly anticipated Forum, will be held at the prestigious International Congress Center, Munich. It promises to be our biggest and best European event ever, with over 14,000 visitors from 80 countries expected over two days.

Our Forum theme is Human Centric Innovation – Driving Digital Transformation, with a focus on helping you to digitalize with confidence.

You will have the opportunity to attend talks by Fujitsu top executives and industry experts. They will share with you their insight and knowledge, and discuss trends for the future.

Highlights: Dr. Joseph Reger – What’s on the CTO’s Mind? November 17.

You will be able to attend presentations and discussion sessions, where Fujitsu executives and experts will highlight the opportunities and benefits that can be gained from technology and process innovation.

You will be able to meet Fujitsu project managers, who will describe their experiences and discuss best practices in digital transformation projects. They will offer advice and ideas you can take and apply to your own digital projects.

You will be able to attend sessions with Fujitsu researchers, for an exclusive look at our current development projects. They will offer insight into future IT concepts and operations, that will help you to support strategic decision-making in longer term aspects of digital transformation.

You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences at a series of informal meetings, where you can share your knowledge and know-how.

You will be able to watch live demonstrationsOpen a new window where you will see our cutting edge technology and world-class solutions at work for yourself. We will be demonstrating our products, services and solutions, to reveal how IT environments can be improved through transformation initiatives. Throughout the Forum we will be showcasing our digital business platform MetaArcOpen a new window


In addition, you will also get to relax and unwind after an event filled first day, by joining us at our Oktoberfest-style celebrations, where you’ll be able to enjoy excellent food and really great Bavarian beer.

Expert Talks

What you missed at Fujitsu Forum 2015

At Fujitsu Forum 2015 we welcomed more than 14,000 customers and partners and 140 journalists from over 80 countries. The two days were packed with inspiring information about industry trends, innovation and research.

If you missed it, there’s still time to register for Forum 2016. We hope to see you there.

If you want to see some of the presentations for last year, these are now available online.

>> Download presentations from the breakout sessions

>> Watch Forum 2015 videos on YouTube

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