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  4. Fujitsu Services: learning a valuable lesson in European collaboration

Fujitsu Services: learning a valuable lesson in European collaboration

Fujitsu's Oracle solutions

Flexibility and choice in your Oracle applications

As one of Europe's leading IT service companies you sometimes need to take you own medicine – especially if you want to deliver significant benefits.
When Fujitsu Services instigated a project in the late 1990s to implement a company-wide financial system, based on Oracle modules, it had high expectations.

Fujitsu initially focused on its UK operations where it needed to consolidate 8 ledgers operating across 12 different sites. The aim was complete the work in just eight months and Fujitsu using a single Oracle 11i ledger system across the majority of its UK business units. The key modules included Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Projects, Fixed Assets, Purchasing and Inventory.

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