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  4. agorum® sells Document Management System through the Fujitsu Cloud

agorum® sells Document Management System through the Fujitsu Cloud

"For us, Fujitsu is the guarantee for secure data preservation mandated by Germany’s data protection regulations. At the same time, Fujitsu’s assistance enabled us to make our solution quickly and easily available in the cloud, and to use the Fujitsu Cloud Store to comfortably enter the software-as-a-service business."

Oliver Schulze Managing Director, agorum® Software GmbH

Simple route into the Software as a Service business

Obtaining software easily from the cloud is clearly one of the most important recent innovations in IT, but the actual steps into the cloud can be a challenge, particularly for medium-sized software companies. In addition, Software as a Service (SaaS) requires high-performing and secure data center capabilities. This is where Fujitsu Cloud Services steps in to support ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) in customizing their solutions. Baden-Wuerttemberg–based agorum® Software GmbH profited from this approach and is now one of the independent software providers who offer their products worldwide via Fujitsu’s SaaS platform. For the customers of agorum®, using the company’s software in the cloud is now possible.

Customers are seeking cloud solutions

As the provider of document management system (DMS) agorum® core, the company agorum® Software GmbH has been in business since 1998. The firm’s DMS solution is aimed primarily at small- and medium-sized businesses. Previously, sales followed a classic per-user license model. In today’s IT environment, this approach no longer suffices. “The requests for cloud-based document management solutions are constantly increasing,” explains Stefan Roecker, head of marketing for agorum®. “To meet this demand, we decided to work with Fujitsu Cloud Services.”


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