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Recycling Program

The remarketing, reuse and recycling of Fujitsu products has taken place at the company’s facility in Paderborn, Germany since 1988. At Paderborn, approximately 20 percent of Fujitsu-branded equipment is reused and less than three percent is disposed of. The processes of this facility far exceed the requirements set out in the WEEE directiveOpen a new window (WEEE: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Position on Individual Producer Responsibility

Fujitsu supports the principle of Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) and recognizes that increasing amounts of end-of-life products, if not properly disposed of, pose a significant threat to the environment.

While Fujitsu believes IPR can result in more environmentally compliant products and better accountability for equipment manufacturers, it also recognizes that IPR poses significant challenges. Even the most dedicated producer cannot meet the needs and requirements of all stakeholders worldwide in a way that is viable financially, logistically and environmentally. However, Fujitsu is dedicated to working with the industry at large in order to overcome these challenges.

Fujitsu has a track record of responsible recycling, remarketing and reuse of electrical and electronic equipment. The company’s Environmental Guideline applies throughout Fujitsu Technology Solutions. It describes environmental conscious product requirements around the whole product life cycle for IT products and components. 

The Fujitsu Group already offers an environmentally sound recycle service in some countries where no take-back requirement was imposed. More information is available hereOpen a new window.

Take-back - performance

A successful example of our take-back performance is based on our 20-years of recycling experience in Germany. Fujitsu Technology Solutions has a recovery rate of more than 90% with its taken-back products. That is considerably more than the 75% in the legal direction.

Voluntary take-back of products

Fujitsu has installed a WEEE-compliant take-back programme in Europe – its primary sales market. More details of local programmes in the countries are described in the Download document "Take-back and Recycling in the Countries". In markets without WEEE legislation, Fujitsu is voluntarily planning to action environmentally sound procedures to take-back and recycle its own products. The Fujitsu parent company Fujitsu Technology Solutions is also responsible for sales in regions outside Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (EMEA&I), and the company has initiated its own take-back and recycling schemes. 

To ensure the take-back of old equipment, in our whole European, Middle East, Africa and India (EMEA&I) sales market, we already extended our voluntary take back and included countries outside the EU. 

In addition, we already implemented a Trade-in Program 

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