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Power Accessories and AC Adapters

Even though Fujitsu mobile devices have long battery runtime, they occasionally need charging. For more convenience you can keep one AC Adapter at the office and one at home. There are even external battery chargers and travel adapters available for your anytime anywhere professional lifestyle.

Car Adapter USB Car Adapter USB

Frequent travelers need to charge their mobile devices anywhere. Simply plug the FUJITSU Car Adapter USB into the cigarette lighter socket and instantly feel the benefits of this device. This lightweight, easy to use FUJITSU Car Adapter USB maybe small, but its performance certainly isn't. It will keep your tablet PC and other mobile devices charged anywhere a 12 V power supply is available whether that be in your car or motor home.

Car/Air DC Mini Adapter 80 Car/Air DC Mini Adapter 80

Frequent travelers need to charge their mobile devices anywhere. The FUJITSU Car/Air DC Mini Adapter 80 doesn´t add anything to your luggage weight, since it is one of the world’s smallest adapters. Whether in a car or in a plane: charge your mobile system or phone with one device only.

Dual USB Quick Charge Adapter Dual USB Qick Charge Adapter

The FUJITSU Dual USB Quick Charge Adapter is a compact and useful tool which allows for multiple device charging with maximum power. For frequent travelers, this product comes with easily switchable EU, US and UK plugs. So there’s no need to seek out extra adapters for all your USB-powered gadgets; this device will provide you with powerful quick-charge capabilities whenever and wherever you need.

AC Adapter LIFEBOOK or STYLISTIC Slim AC-Adapter

Recharge your notebook or tablet at work, at home or on the road with a second power source easily. Depending on your device you can choose from various AC Adapters ranging from a 2-pin or 3-pin, a slim and light or standard adapter, or even the innovative 0-Watt AC Adapter.

Car Truck Power Adapter 90 Car Truck Power Adapter 90

People who are often on business or private trips want to power up their handhelds, tablet PCs and notebooks anywhere and anytime. The Fujitsu Car/Truck Power Adapter 90 will charge your Tablet PC or notebook anywhere a 12 V or 24 V power supply is available.
NEW: The Car/Truck Power Adapter 90 now charges 19V and 12V devices.

External Battery Charger External Battery Charger - front view

This charger can connect to two batteries at the same time via the bundled 16V AC adapter. Along with the battery in your notebook or tablet, this means three or more fully charged batteries to throw at whatever mobile marathon you and your team have in mind.