• Munich, December 07, 2017
      Fujitsu to Train New Generation of Mainframe Engineers at its Enterprise Platform Services Academy
      Fujitsu is addressing the growing skills shortage of mainframe engineers by investing in its Enterprise Platform Services Academy, which is now offering an enhanced choice of training options. By sharing specialized knowledge with a new generation of engineers, Fujitsu is providing organizations with the assurance that they will be able to keep their mainframes running long into the future.
    • Stockholm, December 06, 2017
      Europe’s Leading Credit Management Services Group Intrum Awards Global IT Outsourcing Contract to Fujitsu
      Intrum, Europe’s leading credit management services group, has signed a seven-year global IT infrastructure outsourcing contract with Fujitsu. The agreement covers 23 countries, with Fujitsu providing fully outsourced IT services including data center management, cloud and hybrid IT, security, 24/7 service desk and end-user support for more than 8,000 users. The contract has an initial value in the range of 100 Million Euro.
    • Munich, November 23, 2017
      Fujitsu Implements User-Centric Workplace Services for Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice
      Fujitsu has won a five-year contract worth more than 10 Million Euro to deliver its user-centric managed workplace services to 6,000-plus employees at the Ministry of Security and Justice in the Netherlands. By virtualizing and managing the government office’s workplace, Fujitsu will not only ensure that the Public Prosecutor’s Office maintains a highly secure, transparent and reliable infrastructure but also boost collaboration, productivity and satisfaction by enabling employees to work more flexibly and efficiently.
    • Munich, November 09, 2017
      New Generation of Best-Selling Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E Series Notebook
      Fujitsu unveils a new generation of its best-selling notebook, the Fujitsu Notebook LIFEBOOK E5 and LIFEBOOK E4 series. A refreshed, slimmer design gives the business notebook line a contemporary look. Under the skin, the fully featured LIFEBOOK E5 is based on the latest Intel processors and is packed with connectivity options, ensuring secure, convenient access to corporate networks via cable, wireless or mobile networks.