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GKL Marketing renews storage infrastructure and achieves real-time database queries

"Since we implemented the ETERNUS DX600 S3 storage system with Extreme Cache and SSD drives, our dream of real-time computing has become a reality. Our response times now range from 0.1 to 1 millisecond"

Robert Gallinat, CIO, GKL Marketing-Marktforschung GmbH & Co. KG

The customer

GKL Marketing-Marktforschung GmbH & Co. KG’s (GKL) business operations revolve around three letters that practically every consumer comes into contact with every day. This is the EAN, or European Article Number, also known as the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). It is the official term for the barcodes on the packaging of any consumer product. Berlin-based GKL provides its customers with market research data from hypermarkets in Germany, such as price information. This data is recorded and stored in databases according to the sector, product category and customer requirements. GKL’s customers - mostly large commercial enterprises - use the information to make strategic decisions and predictions about retail prices.

The challenge

GKL Marketing-Marktforschung GmbH & Co. KG required a high performance storage system to allow database queries to be carried out in real-time and to enable millions of datasets to be stored and restored as quickly as possible.

The solution

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX600 S3 storage system with Extreme Cache, SSD drives and high-density enclosures. The mid-range models in the ETERNUS DX series feature a cache which can be expanded directly within the controller with flash-based storage devices. This Extreme Cache dramatically improves features such as response rates for business analytics with large, sequential read operations.

The benefit

  • Extreme performance increase for all applications
  • Greater operational security and availability
  • High scalability


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