Fujitsu retail technology improves customer service and enterprise efficiency

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Fujitsu Market Place is a new omni-channel retailing point of service (POS) application, developed to support enterprise-wide order and transaction fulfilment. It combines orders and in-store shopping into a single transaction to deliver a seamless and consistent customer buying experience across online, mobile channels and traditional PoS.

With Market Place we provide centralised transaction management in a range of deployment models according to budget, business needs, and timing priorities. In-store operations are made quick and easy with high levels of accuracy. Your staff are enabled to transact customer business in a single application, rather than having to switch between PoS and online order fulfilment. With our application, we deliver:

  • continuity across all channels
  • consistent promotion and pricing regardless of the touchpoint
  • real-time data access
  • increased profitability through a reduction in dropped baskets

Harnessing the power of retail technology to increase customer loyalty and retention

We designed Market Place to simplify and improve the customer retail experience. Whether your customers are browsing online, confirming choices by smartphone, ordering in-store on a tablet PC, or asking questions of a call centre, our platform ensures continuity and consistency regardless of the channel. By delivering the digital retail experience that customers have come to expect, you are enabled to build long-term relationships that can increase customer loyalty and retention.

Why choose Fujitsu retail solutions?

With over 30 years of experience delivering retail technology and solutions to UK high street stores, we have the expertise you need to overcome your efficiency issues. With our help, you can improve your customer experience, reduce your costs and improve your profitability.

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