Fujitsu Artificial Intelligence driving Connected Retail

Improving the customer experience, boosting efficiency and margins

A powerful new digital technology is emerging – Artificial Intelligence (or ‘AI’). What’s special is that AI learns from data and enables complex processes to be automated, independent of human intervention, helping make them faster, less prone to errors and more efficient.

There are already many examples of how AI is changing the face of industries, including retail, where AI is transforming operations and enhancing the way customers experience shopping. By analyzing data from multiple channels, both digital and in-store, via sensors or video analysis, AI is enabling retailers to create and deliver a more personalized customer experience, integrating brick-and-mortar activities into the digital world and generating opportunities for additional revenue, and at higher margins.

Learning from data

For retailers, the ability of AI to identify patterns and detect anomalies in mountains of digital information adds new insights and possibilities for transformation, and - once trained - is tireless in processing many standard tasks.

Retailers who are adopting AI are recognizing its capabilities in:

  • Automating processes to drive higher productivity and empowering staff
  • Reducing errors, leading to better service and efficiency
  • Creating multi-channel connected services through the recognition of patterns

Fujitsu – focused on business outcomes

Fujitsu works with retail customers to design and build AI solutions focused on business outcomes. We combine the strength of our own AI capabilities with ‘best of breed’ global technologies to deliver optimal AI supported solutions that directly tackle and help overcome the challenges our customers face.

For example, Fujitsu developed a new solution for a major European hypermarket chain to cut self-checkout fraud while also improving the customer experience. The innovation works by integrating AI to cross-check scanned items, helping detect and prevent fraudulent barcode use by consumers. With a turnover of nearly €2 trillion, the European retail grocery market alone could make annual savings of approximately €80 billion by reducing self-service shrinkage to industry norms.

And working with Fujitsu, an international oil major has applied AI in its retail outlets to identify possible upselling opportunities based on deductions from vehicle type, number plate recognition and the integration of existing prior customer data. Spread over the chain of around 1,000 stations, this amounts to potential annual extra profit of millions of Euros.

Fujitsu’s world-leading position in AI

Fujitsu has one of the IT world’s longest, most successful heritages in AI research and development, and continues to make strategic investments in AI, such as extending its AI Center of Excellence (CoE) in Paris, France, and in establishing of a new company, Fujitsu Intelligence Technology (FIT), in Vancouver, Canada – responsible for developing and growing Fujitsu’s global AI business.

At Fujitsu, we understand the challenges facing retailers and the need for reliability, agility and flexibility. We develop and deliver innovative solutions that future-proof customer experiences in an omni-channel world. Our Connected Retail solutions are focused on enabling you to improve your customers’ retail experiences, increase your efficiency, grow your business and boost profitability.

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