With FUJITSU PalmSecure, we continue to develop our security portfolio flexibly and with a view toward the future.

Markus Amrehn, Managing Director, Amrehn Sicherheit & Technologie GmbH
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Amrehn Sicherheit & Technologie GmbH

Contactless and hygienic with 100 percent recognition rate


Headquartered in Waldbüttelbrunn, Bavaria, Amrehn Sicherheit & Technologie GmbH is a security service provider specializing in compliance with the German accident prevention regulations for banks (UVV-Kassen), access, cash processes and security technology. For approximately 15 years, the company has also operated the proprietary BioPortA solution, a modular user system for access management and ensuring compliance with UVV-Kassen in banks and savings institutions.


Amrehn wanted to find a secure technology with a high recognition rate for its biometric identification system.


  • Biometric sensor technology FUJITSU PalmSecure

Download Full Case Study PDF