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Fujitsu Consulting Services

"The increase in productivity and efficiency has been astounding. We are working smarter with fewer people and saving money at the same time."

Steve Morris Head of Service, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Fujitsu consulting services can help your business to identify and overcome problems, find new markets, or take advantage of existing opportunities. A thorough analysis and overhaul of your business processes can increase efficiency and save you money. Our IT consultants work with both public and private sector organisations to streamline the way they do business. Our services provide real, measurable cost savings and business benefits.

By working in partnership we can find out where you your business needs to be, and get you there.

Business Change  >>

Change can be traumatic. We can manage every aspect of the evolution of your business, ensuring that the impact on your organisation is minimal. We can also integrate flexible and innovative systems with your existing IT, providing business agility and enabling you to adapt to change in the future.

IT Strategy and Effectiveness >>

A comprehensive IT strategy is essential to the success of any modern business. Your IT systems should work hard for you, making your business run more smoothly. We can help to formulate your strategy and make it more effective with IT road-mapping and assessment services.

Business Analytics  >>

Information is a valuable asset – if you’re able to use it effectively. If you have complex data, or data spread across several systems, we can help you to extract insights that enable you to address business issues, identify fraud, and provide valuable insights into customer behaviour.

Mobile Business Solutions >>

If you have a mobile workforce, you need a mobile business strategy. We can integrate your systems and make them available via mobile devices, increasing efficiency and enabling better access to data.

Preventing fraud and error in government

Fujitsu estimates that its work with HMRC has contributed to savings to the Exchequer of over £100 million during 2010/2011 and its solution, known as Fraud Screen, will significantly add to these fraud and error cost savings in future years.

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Mobile working at Vale of Glamorgan Council

Fujitsu’s e-Plus mobile working platform increased productivity by 38 per cent, saved £280k per annum in workforce costs, and reduced transport costs by five per cent. These improvements are mirrored in the service received by tenants. Emergency jobs are now completed within 0.13 days – an 86 per cent improvement – while routine jobs are turned around within eleven days – a 42 per cent improvement.

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