Business and Other Risks - Human Resources

13. Human Resources

The growth and profitability of the Fujitsu Group depends heavily on human resources. As such, a major issue for the Group is the ability to recruit, foster, and prevent the attrition of talented managers, technical experts and other key personnel. The Group has introduced new personnel system reforms, such as Position-based Human Resources Management and HR management for Highly Talented Professionals to create an environment in which exceptional talent can gather and play an active role. The inability to do so could negatively impact the Group’s growth and profitability.

Implementation of personnel rationalization following the structural reforms currently in progress may accelerate the above trends. Also, we have established a system for the personnel and legal departments to deal with labor issues in the event that an employee does not agree to terminate a labor contract or a serious labor accident occurs due to a lack of proper labor management in accordance with laws and regulations. However, such labor issues may damage corporate reputation or cause disputes.

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