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Business and Other Risks

6. Public Regulations, Public Policy, and Tax Matters

The business operations of the Fujitsu Group are global in scope, and are therefore impacted by a variety of public regulations, public policies, tax laws and other such factors in all countries where the Group does business. Specifically, wherever it operates, the Group must comply with a variety of government policies, regulations such as authorizations for business and investment, import and export regulations and restrictions, as well as laws and regulations pertaining to antimonopoly policies, intellectual property rights, the information security, consumers, the environment and recycling, labor conditions, subcontracting, and taxation.

If these policies, laws and regulations are strengthened or revised, the Group’s business will be affected by increased compliance costs associated with measures to such policies, laws and regulations, or by fines in case the company is found to have committed a violation.

We also provide solutions in certain fields and business domains such as healthcare, communications, construction, and privacy management that are subject to other public regulations, meaning that regulatory trends in these sectors may potentially impact the Group’s business.