Business and Other Risks - Finance

8. Finance

Credit ratings (including CSR or sustainability ratings) by outside institutions serve as reliable sources of information for our customers when they conduct transactions with us, as well as having influence on financing and corporate reputation.

The Group takes countermeasures against risks regarding funding (i.e. keeping funding liquidity, making financing plans, analyzing financial market trends etc.), but lower credit ratings caused by failure to meet earnings targets, deteriorating financial conditions, or other factors could influence our ability to secure financing and place the Group at a disadvantage in bidding for projects and in other business dealings.

In addition, the Group also takes some measures against risks about credit administration of the Group’s customers and/or business partners (i.e. sharing information about their credit administration, checking credit information and/or trends produced by institutes outside Fujitsu, offering advice, instructions, and/or alerts about credit protection etc.), but the Group’s outstanding receivables may be affected by deterioration of their business situation and/or economic recession.

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