Business and Other Risks - Intellectual Property

11. Intellectual Property

The Fujitsu Group has accumulated technologies and expertise that help distinguish its products from those of other companies. Legal restrictions in certain regions, however, may impair our ability to fully protect some of the Group’s proprietary technologies, with the result that we could be unable to effectively prevent the manufacture and sale of similar products developed by third parties using the Group’s own intellectual property. Moreover, the creation of comparable or superior technologies by other companies could erode the value of the Group’s intellectual property.

The Group has instituted internal policies, including stringent procedures prior to launching new products and services, to ensure that no infringement of other companies’ intellectual property occurs. However, there is the possibility that the Group’s products, services or technologies may be found to infringe on other companies’ intellectual property, and that the Group’s earnings may be impacted by such consequences as the need to pay for usage rights or cover costs associated with modifying designs. In addition, the Group has previously instituted a program to compensate and/or reward employees for innovations that they make in the course of their work, and will continue to implement this program in the future in accordance with related laws and regulations. Nevertheless, the Group faces potential risk from lawsuits initiated by employees in regard to compensation and/or rewards for innovation created in the workplace.

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