II. Risks in Fujitsu Group Business Activities

2. Customers

[ Overview and impact of risks ]
A large proportion of our business is with public institutions, such as the government of Japan, local governments in Japan, and foreign governments, and with telecommunications carriers, financial services institutions, manufacturers, and customers in the distribution and retail, and healthcare industries. In addition, in our business outside Japan, government projects in each country are an important part of our business. Customers’ policies and plans of action, the industry business environment, changes in market trends, and industry restructuring trends are tied to customers’ ICT investment trends. Customers’ ICT investment trends and sales of their products and services can have a significant impact on the demand and prices of the Fujitsu Group’s products and services. In addition, the Group’s revenue and profit or loss will be affected if we are unable to maintain trust, business, or contractual relationships with our customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on customers in a variety of industries around the world. This has restrained customers' ICT investments, while, at the same time, it has generated new ICT-related demand from working from home and online education. This change in the business environment may impact the Fujitsu Group’s revenue and profit or loss.

[ Measures against the risks ]
The Fujitsu Group conducts our business with the mindset of solving societal issues, and we closely monitor market trends, technological trends, and the circumstances of customers. We aim to become an irreplaceable partner to our customers, provide them with solutions that span the entire ICT lifecycle, and build a long-term relationship of trust with them. The Fujitsu Group leverages digital technologies and our experience and understanding of diverse industries to respond to the changing environment surrounding our customers, and plays a role in building a new way of life centered on people and data.

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