Business and Other Risks - Compliance Issues

10. Compliance Issues

The Fujitsu Group promotes the thorough diffusion and implementation of internal company rules, nurturing a corporate culture of strict adherence to these rules, and has constructed the necessary internal systems and structures for adherence. The Fujitsu Group has defined the behavior to which all Fujitsu Group employees must strictly adhere in the Code of Conduct of the Fujitsu Way. The Fujitsu Group has also instituted uniform Global Business Standards, which provide more detailed guidance on the behavior expected of each employee. In addition, as one committee within the Internal Control Division, which reports directly to the Fujitsu Group Management Council, the Risk and Compliance Committee has been established to promote compliance throughout the Fujitsu Group. Even with these measures in place, however, there is a possibility that the Fujitsu Group will be unable to completely eliminate compliance-related risks. In the event that there is a violation of relevant laws or regulations inside or outside Japan, society’s trust in the Fujitsu Group may be damaged, or there may be demands for payment of significant penalties or compensation for damages, leading to the possibility of adverse impact on the Fujitsu Group’s business.

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