II. Risks in Fujitsu Group Business Activities

4. Investment Decisions and Business Restructuring

[ Overview and impact of risks ]
In the ICT industry, large investments in R&D, capital expenditure, transfers and acquisitions of business, and business restructuring may be necessary to maintain competitiveness.

If the markets, technologies, or acquisitions that the Fujitsu Group considers to be promising do not lead to the growth we anticipate, supply and demand conditions deteriorate, or prices decline more quickly than we anticipate, the Group may not receive sufficient returns on our investments, which could significantly affect our operating results.

[ Measures against the risks ]
The Fujitsu Group, in making investments and restructuring our business, takes into consideration market trends, customer needs, the competitive advantage of our technologies, the performance of companies we acquire, the Group’s business portfolio, and other factors. In addition, we examine our investment efficiency, have established evaluation indicators and processes, and reduce risk by dividing our investments into multiple stages according to necessary changes and forming partnerships with customers.

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