Business and Other Risks - Security

12. Security

12-1. Information Management

In order to safeguard the personal and confidential information of customers, business partners, and the Fujitsu Group itself, the Group has taken such measures as establishing strict regulations, instituting training programs for employees, upgrading its information infrastructure and providing consultation to business subcontractors. Nevertheless, the Group cannot guarantee that information will not be leaked. In the unlikely event that this should occur, trust in the Fujitsu Group could decline and the Group may be obligated to pay damages to customers whose information is leaked.

12-2. Cyber Security

The Fujitsu Group has taken security measures and has a well-developed system in place to ensure the integrity and stable operation of critical in-house networks, which are a key element of our business infrastructure. However, it is not always possible for the Group to completely prevent information leakage and the shutdown of internal networks and/or systems resulting from cyberattacks. As such, the Group’s business may be affected.

12-3. Physical Security

The Fujitsu Group has established measures such as access control systems (i.e. Security cameras, security doors, etc.) against the breach of important data, in the Group’s facilities owned or leased.
However, despite these measures, the Group cannot guarantee the ability to prevent all business interruption and/or data breaches caused by physical destruction to the Group’s facilities.

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