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DRV (BS2000)

DRV: Offers a disk drive mirroring process using dual recording on two disk drives under BS2000

Current version: V3.2

DRV is a system software product enabling BS2000-systems to mirror data on volumes. It is realized as part of the BS2000-I/O-system and works transparently for applications. The DRV-operation-mode increases the availability of data through volume-mirroring. Each write-task of the DMS (Data Management System) is with the aid of DRV executed on two disks. Read-tasks on the contrary are in DRV-operation-mode served by the faster one of the mirrored-disk-pair. So reading is usually faster in DRV-mode.

In case of a disk crash DRV-mono-mode can be enabled. The crashed disk can be replaced without affecting the operating system or any applications. After disk-replacement the operator can switch back from mono-mode to dual-mode. Then a new mirrored disk will be automatically generated, i.e. the data are copied onto the new disk.

DRV is able to mirror Public Volume Sets and Private Volume Sets, especially Home-Pubsets and Paging Pubsets. Source- and mirror-disks must be formatted in the same way.