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FUJITSU Software Interstage Products & Solutions

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Interstage Business Operations Platform is a next generation business solution and integration platform, designed to truly support the way business operates, finally bringing the worlds of business and IT together. Interstage Business Operations Platform is a comprehensive offering, which includes business operation design, execution, monitoring and improvement. It is designed to help business managers to directly align business operation implementations with business goals, while facilitating process improvement via unparalleled control and visibility into process metrics and real-time business activity.

Interstage Business Process Management products address all types of processes used to conduct business: structured, unstructured, and hybrid process types used to support all forms of work. The fully featured Interstage Business Process Manager Suite delivers leading functionality to discover, model, execute and analyze key business process flows. Process Analytics Software is the innovative process discovery, analytics and monitoring product to ensure continuous process intelligence and optimization.

In addition, Fujitsu makes available Cloud-based software and professional services related to BPM.

Interstage XWand allows IT-based solutions to automatically extract financial data and format it into in eXtensible Business Reporting Language, a standard format that aids the disclosure of financial information.

Fujitsu Interstage Information Integrator is an innovative WAN optimization solution to bring out maximum network performance and speed up a broad range of TCP/IP applications between datacenters, branch offices and clouds. It uses Fujitsu's proprietary WAN optimization protocol to solve network quality and distance challenges.

Big Data Software enables big data to be utilized in enterprise information systems and mission-critical systems. Big Data software consists of four products; a parallel distributed processing product, complex event processing product, high-speed extreme transaction processing product and in-memory data-management product - which are standard technologies in Big Data applications.

Interstage Application Server combines leading-edge technology with Fujitsu's proven expertise in the construction of reliable, scalable, and secure mission-critical systems. The Interstage Application Server platform supports stable SOA business services. The Application Server provides support for complex e-business deployments such as distributed multi-channel component-based applications, composite integrated systems, and Web Services.

Interstage List Creator allows easy and efficient development of business forms in various environments, such as Web and server applications. It also supports the creation of business form printing systems globally.