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  • Notice Regarding Fiscal 2014 New Medium-Term Management Plan Tokyo, Global, May, 29 2014 - Fujitsu Limited today announced formulation of its new medium-term management plan (fiscal 2014 - fiscal 2016), as outlined below.

  • Fujitsu Awarded Imperial Invention Prize for High-Dimensional Supercomputer Interconnect Technology Tokyo, Global, May, 29 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that its invention of high-dimensional interconnect technology, which is used in the K computer Fujitsu jointly developed with RIKEN as well as the company’s own FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX10, was awarded the Imperial Invention Prize. This prize is given to the most outstanding invention at the National Commendation for Invention sponsored by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation.

  • Fujitsu Launches New Karada Life Smartphone Health Support Service for Women Tokyo, Global, May, 26 2014 - Fujitsu today announced it will offer Karada Life Pregnancy Support, a smartphone health support service for women, in Japan starting from May 30.

  • Fujitsu Launches ARROWS NX F-05F Smartphone Tokyo, Global, May, 26 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the new docomo Smartphone ARROWS NX F-05F will be available in Japan as of May 30, 2014 from NTT DOCOMO, Inc. dealerships.

  • Notice Regarding Distribution of Dividends from Retained Earnings Tokyo, Global, May, 22 2014 - Fujitsu Limited announced that its Board of Directors today decided upon the dividends to be paid from retained earnings to shareholders on the record date of March 31, 2014, as indicated below.

  • Fujitsu Enhances Suite of Private Cloud Platform Products with Support for OpenStack Tokyo, Global, May, 21 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that it is offering private cloud products and services that support OpenStack, the open cloud environment, to meet diverse customer cloud needs in the era of cloud computing.

  • Fujitsu Wins RFID Integrated Label Project from Airbus Tokyo, Global, May, 14 2014 - Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has been selected by Airbus S.A.S as its RFID solution provider for the Airbus RFID Integrated Labels project. This project will individually label major aircraft components with an RFID label from the manufacturing stage of all Airbus planes, allowing individual components to be tracked and enabling accurate traceability.

  • Fujitsu Supports Online-to-Offline Services for Retailers and Distributors Tokyo, Global, May, 14 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the launch of FUJITSU Cloud Smart Biz Connect, a new application platform service for retail and distribution businesses interested in e-commerce and online-to-offline (O2O) services, which connect with customers to provide services both in physical stores and online. As part of Fujitsu's ongoing initiatives in digital marketing solutions, which are a suite of products and services that deliver value targeted to the specific needs of individual customers, Fujitsu Cloud Smart Biz Connect makes it possible to quickly build mobile apps for consumers. The new service will only be available in Japan.

  • Fujitsu Launches Ten New Enterprise-Model Computers, Including a Tablet, Thin Clients and Others Tokyo, Global, May, 14 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the release of 10 new enterprise models from nine series, including thin clients and one zero client, as well as a tablet, desktop PCs and workstations that come installed with the latest Windows 8.1 Pro operating system. All models are being released in Japan starting today.

  • Fujitsu Develops Technology to Recognize Patient Status Using a Camera Kawasaki, Japan, Global, May, 13 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announced the development of a technology that uses a camera to accurately recognize the status of patients, detecting activities such as sitting up in bed, getting out of bed, or moving in bed.

  • Fujitsu Provides Big-Data Solutions to Transform the Front Lines of Business Tokyo, Global, May, 13 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the upcoming release of FUJITSU Business Application Operational Data Management & Analytics, a solution that helps sales departments, business strategy departments, and other business units use their own big data to transform business processes or bring greater sophistication to their marketing initiatives. The new solution, a part of the ongoing FUJITSU Big Data Initiative that systematizes the company's big data products and services, will be available in Japan from June. Fujitsu will be releasing additional offerings in the future that meet the needs of the global market.

  • Fujitsu Releases Virtualization Products using Software-Defined Networking for Wide-Area Networks Tokyo, Global, May, 09 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the introduction of FUJITSU Network Virtuora NC and FUJITSU Network Virtuora SN-V, the second round of products based on FUJITSU Intelligent Networking and Computing Architecture, the company's architecture for optimizing entire ICT platforms on a network-wide basis using software-defined networking (SDN). The company also announced enhancement of functions to its existing product, FUJITSU Network Proactnes II QM. The new products are available for order beginning May 9 only in Japan.

  • Fujitsu and Yokogawa Medical Solutions Partner for the Future of Medical Care Tokyo, Global, May, 09 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Yokogawa Medical Solutions Corporation (Yokogawa Medical Solutions) to jointly create new businesses focused on "the future of medical care." Yokogawa Medical Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, develops radiology-information systems and medical-imaging systems for hospitals. Under this agreement, Fujitsu will take a minority shareholding in Yokogawa Medical Solutions.

  • Fujitsu and MIT Develop On-Demand Transport Service Technology to Support User Needs and Increase Service Operator Profits Kawasaki, Japan, Global, May, 08 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced the development, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), of an on-demand transport technology that responds to the various needs of transport users while improving profits for transport service operators.

  • Fujitsu Introduces ETERNUS DX200F All-Flash Array Worldwide, Offering Stability and High Performance Tokyo, Global, May, 08 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the new FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX200F, an all-flash array that uses solid-state drives for data storage, resulting in stability and high performance. The new product will be available in Japan from May 8, and will be followed by subsequent availability worldwide.

  • Fujitsu and NTT DOCOMO Agree To Partner on 5G Experimental Trials Tokyo, Global, May, 08 2014 - Fujitsu Limited has announced an agreement with NTT DOCOMO that will deepen their relationship through R&D collaboration on fifth generation (5G) mobile communications systems and cooperation on 5G experimental trials. Under this agreement, Fujitsu Limited, along with Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., will work with DOCOMO to conduct experimental trials in stages, and, while promoting development of 5G technology, will actively undertake efforts on 5G standardization initiatives that are set to begin in 2016.

  • Fujitsu Enhances Functions of the FUJITSU Network BroadOne LS100 Series LTE Femtocell Tokyo, Global, May, 07 2014 - Fujitsu today announced it has enhanced the functions of the FUJITSU Network BroadOne LS100 Series LTE Femtocell, a compact indoor base station with multi-mode support, the most appropriate of which can be automatically select. The product is globally available to mobile-communications carriers as of today.

  • Fujitsu Cuts Response Times to Cyber Attacks by 97% with Japan's First Automated Detection and Process Software Tokyo, Global, May, 07 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the availability of Japan's first software to automate detection of cyber attacks and response. The software, FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Security Control, dramatically shortens the initial response time after malware has been detected to prevent damage from spreading. Also being offered is FUJITSU Security Solution Information Security Enhancement Support Consulting, which are services designed to improve the security of control systems. Both are part of the FUJITSU Security Initiative, a systematized suite of products and services that support safe and secure ICT for customers and society, with FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Security Control planned to be rolled out to other markets outside of Japan later in Fiscal 2014.

  • Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Trajectory-Analysis Technology for a Big Picture View of Person and Vehicle Flows Kawasaki, Japan, Global, May, 07 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. has developed trajectory-analysis technology that enables a big picture view of person and vehicle flows by putting trajectory data measured using GPS and other means into a form suitable for analysis.

  • Server Platform Technology that supports reliability and scalability functions for service applications approved as a Proof of Concept by ETSI Tokyo, Global, May, 01 2014 - Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroo Unoura, hereafter: NTT), Alcatel-Lucent Japan Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Nicolas Bouverot, hereafter: Alcatel-Lucent Japan), and Fujitsu Limited (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masami Yamamoto, hereafter: Fujitsu), jointly proposed a demonstration of VNPaaS (Virtual Network Platform as a Service) to ETSI NFV ISG, which has just been approved as a Proof of Concept.


  • Fujitsu Reports Fiscal 2013 Financial Results Tokyo, Global, April, 30 2014 - Fujitsu today reported consolidated net income of 48.6 billion yen (US$472 million), representing an improvement of 128.5 billion yen from fiscal 2012.

  • Notice Regarding the Voluntary Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Tokyo, Global, April, 30 2014 - Fujitsu Limited announced that, at the today's meeting of the Board of Directors, it was resolved that the Fujitsu Group will switch from Japanese accounting standards and voluntarily adopt International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for its consolidated financial results, beginning in fiscal 2014.

  • Fujitsu Enhances Functionality of INTARFRM Application Framework, Support for Multiple Browsers and Devices Tokyo, Global, April, 25 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that all editions of INTARFRM, its application framework that supports customers' system development, have been updated with web application development functions for multiple browsers and devices. The new versions will be rolled out incrementally beginning today only in Japan.

  • Fujitsu Strengthens Server Customization Business for VAR, OEM Markets Tokyo, Global, April, 25 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that it is taking steps to strengthen its server customization business for VAR and OEM, two markets anticipated to see future growth. The company will begin offering a menu of 200 customization options for FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY x86 servers, and has prepared models based on individual patterns of customer needs.

  • Regarding the Consolidation of System LSI Businesses in New Company Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama, Global, April, 23 2014 - Fujitsu Limited, Panasonic Corporation, and Development Bank of Japan, Inc. (DBJ) have signed a memorandum of understanding in which DBJ will make an investment and provide a line of credit for a new fabless company specializing in system LSI design and development which Fujitsu and Panasonic will jointly establish.

  • Fujitsu Launches New Android Tablet and Two New Laptops for Enterprises Tokyo, Global, April, 16 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that it will commence sales in Japan of three new enterprise products in three product families, consisting of one new Wi-Fi tablet running Android™ 4.2, and two new laptops running Windows 8.1 Pro.

  • Fujitsu Develops Platform Technology that Speeds Development of On-Site Information Exchange Services Kawasaki, Global, April, 15 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced that it has developed platform technology that speeds delivery of information exchange services, such as for work collaboration or screen sharing, using devices or equipment at a given location.

  • Fujitsu Develops Technology to Quickly Detect Latent Malware Activity in Internal Networks Kawasaki, Global, April, 15 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced that it has developed technology that quickly detects latent malware activity in a network. This technology monitors an internal network to protect against advanced persistent threats (APT) on specific companies or individuals, an increasingly common problem.

  • Fujitsu and Tohoku University Develop 3D Tsunami Simulator Enabling Highly Precise Tsunami Forecasting Tokyo, Global, April, 14 2014 - Fujitsu Limited today announced that, based on its joint research with Tohoku University that began in 2012, the two have developed a 3D tsunami simulator that can replicate in fine detail the surge of water in urban areas as well as river surges caused by a tsunami. The joint research succeeded in combining a 2D tsunami-propagation simulation technology developed by Professor Fumihiko Imamura, director of the International Research Institute of Disaster Science in Tohoku University with Fujitsu's 3D fluid simulation technology. As a result, the researchers were able to accurately replicate the complex changes a tsunami undergoes as it interacts with coastal topography or buildings in urban areas, as well as the process of water surges in urban areas and rivers.

  • Fujitsu Develops Technology Enabling High-Speed Search while Accumulating Data at 40-Gbps Kawasaki, Global, April, 14 2014 - "Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announced the development of industry's first software technology that can perform high-speed searches on information even as it is being accumulated at a speed of 40-Gbps. While this has been difficult to do in the past without specialized network analysis hardware, Fujitsu Laboratories' new technology can be implemented entirely through software and conventional hardware.

  • Fujitsu's Numazu Plant Wins "Contributing to a Green Society" Award Tokyo, Global, April, 10 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that the company's Numazu Plant has been awarded the 2014 "Contributing to a Green Society" Award from the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure, in recognition of that plant's ongoing efforts to contribute to the local community and protect the environment through its diligence in pursuing green programs.

  • Fujitsu Launches New PRIMEQUEST Series, Boosting Processing Performance by up to 2.5 times Tokyo, Global, April, 10 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability of its new mission-critical x86 FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 2000 series, comprised of five models, featuring the latest Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v2 family.

  • Fujitsu and Oracle Enhance Fujitsu M10 SPARC Servers Tokyo, Japan and Redwood Shores, Calif., Global, April, 08 2014 - Global and diversified marketplaces demand agility as business moves and grows in ever-changing ways. Information systems must support the business today and drive innovation rapidly and flexibly for tomorrow. The enhanced Fujitsu M10 servers announced today feature the new SPARC64 X+ (pronounced "ten plus") processors that can run at speeds of up to 3.7 GHz and offer 1.3 times the performance of the previous generation. The enhanced servers provide a high-performance, scalable platform for server consolidation and modernization projects. To date, Fujitsu M10 servers have set 15 world records in major benchmark tests.

  • Fujitsu Develops Data-Transfer Acceleration Technology Kawasaki, Japan, Global, April, 08 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced the development of a technology for accelerating data transfer speeds that can be applied to various types of network environments used for cloud, mobile applications and other services.

  • Fujitsu to Upgrade JAXA's Supercomputer System Tokyo, Global, April, 07 2014 - Fujitsu announced that it has received an order for a new supercomputer system from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The core of the new system will be the successor model of the FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX10, which is currently under development. The new system will have an overall theoretical peak performance of 3.4 petaflops, or 24 times that of the current system, which will ensure that JAXA has the processing capacity needed to analyze enormous volumes of data.

  • Fujitsu Sets Out "Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2014" Tokyo, Global, April, 04 2014 - Fujitsu today presents the latest Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision, which outlines how ICT will transform business and society. In this 2014 version, Fujitsu introduces Human Centric Innovation, a new approach to realizing business and social value by creating solutions and services that bring together the three dimensions of "people, information and infrastructure".

  • Fujitsu Launches New Models in GS21 Series Featuring New Processors Tokyo, Global, April, 03 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the availability in Japan of new mainframe models, consisting of the super-scale FUJITSU Server GS21 2600 model group and the mid-, large-scale FUJITSU Server GS21 2400 model group, all equipped with newly developed processors. The company also announced the availability of FUJITSU Software GSS21sx, a new software that supports these models.

  • Fujitsu to Host Fujitsu Forum 2014 Tokyo, Global, April, 02 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that Fujitsu Forum 2014, the company's largest annual event, will be held May 15-16 at the Tokyo International Forum in Japan. The theme of this year's Fujitsu Forum will be "Human Centric Innovation."


  • Fujitsu Develops New Speech Synthesis Technology Kawasaki, Japan, Global, March, 31 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. has announced development of speech synthesis technology that can create a variety of high-quality synthetic voices in a short period of time, and that can convey information in a tone that is appropriate for the usage scenario or usage environment.

  • Fujitsu Supercomputer System to Commence Operation at the RIKEN SPring-8 Center Tokyo, Global, March, 26 2014 - Fujitsu announced that it has completed building a supercomputer system ordered by the SPring-8 Center, a part of RIKEN, Japan's largest comprehensive research institution.

  • Fujitsu Integrates Japan Meteorological Agency's Systems Tokyo, Global, March, 19 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that it has integrated two systems managed by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) – the Automated Data Editing and Switching System (ADESS) and the Disaster Mitigation Information Provision System. Fujitsu has also renewed the system platform. JMA has commenced delivery of data via the new system, having conducted a sequential switchover for data recipients in and outside of Japan on October 1, 2013 and again between February 3 and March 14, 2014.

  • Fujitsu Develops Distributed Service Platform Technology to Optimize Cloud Environments over a Wide-Area Network Kawasaki, Japan, Global, March, 14 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced, in an industry first, it has developed distributed service platform technology that automates system architecture and operations in line with changes in service conditions, and conducts distributing deployment of cloud-based processing and data to servers within a wide-area network.

  • Fujitsu Recognized For Customer Value Leadership With Frost & Sullivan 2014 Global Award Tokyo, Global, March, 14 2014 - Fujitsu Limited today announced that it is the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan 2014 Global Award for Customer Value Leadership in the Business Workflow Integration Platforms market. The prestigious recognition is a result of extensive and independent analysis of Fujitsu's abilities to deliver a high-quality customer experience for its comprehensive, integrated cloud solution and to leverage customer satisfaction in achieving outstanding growth.

  • Fujitsu Revises Fiscal 2013 Year-End Dividend Forecast Tokyo, Global, March, 13 2014 - Fujitsu today announced its decision to revise its forecast for dividends per share.

  • Fujitsu Announces Nominations to Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members Tokyo, Global, March, 13 2014 - Fujitsu Limited announces nominations to its Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members based on the recommendations of the Company's Executive Nomination Committee. The nominations are subject to approval at meetings of the Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members, following the Annual Shareholders' Meeting scheduled for June 23, 2014.

  • Fujitsu Announces Executive Promotions, Appointments, and Resignations Tokyo, Global, March, 13 2014 - Fujitsu Limited announces that the following executive promotions, new appointments, and resignations were approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Fujitsu Laboratories Announces Executive Reappointments Kawasaki, Japan, Global, March, 13 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announces that the following executive reappointments were approved by its Board of Directors.

  • Fujitsu Announces New Global Matrix Organization Tokyo, Global, March, 13 2014 - Fujitsu Limited today announced that it would accelerate the globalization of its business by creating a new organization structure consisting of five regions – EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa), Americas, Asia, Oceania and Japan. In addition to this change, a Global Delivery organization will be established. This organization will integrate the service delivery functions of the company's current International Business organization, and is to be responsible for delivering a consistent and timely high-level of service across the globe, including Japan. In line with the new structure, the International Business organization will be dissolved as of April 1, 2014.

  • Fujitsu Develops Support Technology for Cloud Systems that Automatically Presents Appropriate Operational Procedures Kawasaki, Japan, Global, March, 12 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced that is has developed technology that supports the operations management of cloud systems by automatically generating the necessary procedure flows.

  • Technologies developed for providing flexible wide area networks with SDN, a global first Tokyo, Global, March, 07 2014 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT; TSE: 9432, NYSE: NTT), NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), Fujitsu Limited (Fujitsu; TSE: 6702) and Hitachi, Ltd. (Hitachi; TSE: 6501) today announced the development of technologies that enable Software-Defined Networking (SDN) compatibility for wide area networks, including platforms for comprehensively integrating and managing multiple varieties of wide area network infrastructure and general-purpose network control applications used with those platforms. These technologies were developed through the "Open Innovation Over Network Platforms" research and development project. Also known as the "O3 (O Three) Project", this initiative was launched in June 2013 based on research consigned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' Research and Development of Network Virtualization Technology, and has been promoted jointly by the five companies.

  • Fujitsu Recognized in METI's Diversity Management Selection 100 Program Tokyo, Global, March, 07 2014 - Fujitsu Limited has been named among the winners selected for the 2013 Diversity Management Selection 100, a program established by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to recognize companies that promote diversity.

  • Fujitsu Develops Model Predictive Control Technology Specifically for Supply Chain Management Kawasaki, Japan, Global, March, 07 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced that it has developed model predictive control technology specifically intended for supply chain management. Using this technology, it is possible to make successive revisions to plans based on multiple long-term forecasting scenarios and to respond to sudden changes in demand.

  • Fujitsu Announces 2015 Hiring Plan for University Graduates Tokyo, Global, March, 06 2014 - Fujitsu Limited has announced the following plans for hiring new college graduates in fiscal 2015.

  • Fujitsu Named to FORTUNE Magazine's 2014 List of 'World's Most Admired Companies' for Second Consecutive Year Tokyo, Global, March, 05 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that it has been named to FORTUNE Magazine's 2014 list of 'World's Most Admired Companies' for a second consecutive year.

  • Fujitsu Bolsters Suite of Products and Services with its "Digital Marketing Solution" Tokyo, Global, March, 04 2014 - Fujitsu today announces its Digital Marketing Solution, a new systematic approach which structures its suite of products and services to deliver the value that meets individual customer needs as their purchasing behavior diversifies. Based on this new structure, which leverages big data generated from every point of contact with the customer in an omni-channel approach – e-commerce, social media and other Net-based retail channels, as well as physical stores – Fujitsu will offer two new services and add one enhanced service. These will be for the retail industry, who seek to strengthen their customer services, the manufacturing and finance industries, who deal with consumer products, and other industries. In building this new structure, Fujitsu will offer optimal one-stop solutions, from consulting to initial phase application development, to operations and maintenance. In so doing, customers in the retail industry will be able to manage and analyze, in an integrated fashion, customer data obtained through the entire range of channels, strengthen efforts to attract customers and after service, and maximize the value customers experience through new marketing activities. This solution is only available in Japan.


  • Fujitsu Develops First-of-Its-Kind Assessment Tool that Visualizes a Community's Characteristics Kawasaki and Tokyo, Japan, Global, February, 28 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Fujitsu Research Institute have today announced development of the first assessment tool from an ICT company that visualizes a community's characteristics from multiple perspectives, including the environment and economy.

  • Fujitsu Enhances Lineup of Vertically Integrated Database Systems Tokyo, Global, February, 28 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability in Japan of FUJITSU Integrated System HA Database Ready SX2, a large-scale system designed to accommodate high-capacity databases. This will lead to an enhancement of Fujitsu's line of vertically integrated, open-standards database systems that offer high performance, exceptional reliability, and rapid setup.

  • Fujitsu Launches A5 for Windows Azure Public Cloud Service Based on Strengthened Alliance with Microsoft Tokyo, Global, February, 25 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability of FUJITSU Cloud PaaS A5 for Windows Azure, an upgrade to its public cloud based on Windows Azure, as part of a new alliance with Microsoft Corporation.

  • Fujitsu Develops Prototype Haptic Sensory Tablet Tokyo and Kawasaki, Japan, Global, February, 24 2014 - Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announced development of a prototype tablet with a touchscreen that conveys a sense of slipperiness or roughness depending on the image being displayed. This new haptic, or tactile, sensory technology was developed by Fujitsu Laboratories.

  • Fujitsu to Release Successor to its STYLISTIC S01 Smartphone in Autumn Tokyo, Global, February, 24 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that it has commenced preparations for the autumn 2014 release of the successor to its STYLISTIC S01 smartphone, which has been sold in France by Orange since June 2013. The successor model, to be available from an expanded range of locations in Europe, is expected to be LTE- and NFC-enabled, as well as being equipped with the latest energy-saving display and a quad-core CPU among other advanced features.

  • Fujitsu to Provide World's First Tablet with Built-in Palm Vein Authentication Sensor to Fukuoka Financial Group Tokyo, Global, February, 20 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that it has commenced work on a project, ordered by Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc., to provide 2,000 tablets with built-in palm vein authentication sensors, and to construct a virtual-desktop platform. The platform will enable staff to securely access their bank's internal system from off-site locations.

  • Kawasaki City and Fujitsu Sign Framework Agreement Kawasaki City and Tokyo, Global, February, 19 2014 - The municipal government of Kawasaki City and Fujitsu Limited have today signed a framework agreement to come together and cooperate in such areas as building a more robust ICT environment and nurturing the next-generation so as to promote a sustainable community.

  • Fujitsu Develops Glove-Style Wearable Device Kawasaki, Japan, Global, February, 18 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced that it has developed a wearable device in the form of a glove, equipped with a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag reader and that features gesture-based input for maintenance and other on-site operations.

  • Fujitsu Deploys Supercomputer System to Shinshu University Tokyo and Matsumoto, Japan, Global, February, 13 2014 - Fujitsu Limited and Shinshu University today announced Shinshu University's recent decision to deploy a Fujitsu supercomputer system in its R&D facility to newly develop innovative water-filtration and water-circulation systems.

  • Fujitsu Laboratories and imec Holst Centre Develop Wireless Transceiver Technology for Medical Devices Kawasaki, Japan, and Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Global, February, 12 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and imec Holst Centre today announced that they have developed a wireless transceiver circuit for use in body area networks (BAN) for medical applications that adheres to the 400 MHz-band international standard.

  • Fujitsu Launches ColorFit, Software for the Printing Industry to Instantly Improve Image Quality Tokyo, Global, February, 05 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability of FUJITSU Media Solution ColorFit, software for the printing industry that automatically and instantly improves image quality.

  • Fujitsu Releases Five New Enterprise PC Models in Three Product Series' Tokyo, Global, February, 04 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the release in Japan of five new models of enterprise PCs in three product series', all equipped with the latest Windows 8.1 Pro operating system.

  • Fujitsu Introduces a Convertible UltrabookTM, the LIFEBOOK TH90/P Tokyo, Global, February, 04 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the release of the FUJITSU PC LIFEBOOK TH90/P, a new convertible Ultrabook™ in the FMV Series of consumer PCs. The new laptop can also be used as a tablet, with both stylus and touch input available to suit four different modes of use. Adopting Fujitsu's proprietary "Shift HingeTM" construction, the LIFEBOOK TH90/P makes operation easy by changing styles, while offering a stylish form-factor. An exceptional example of function and design in one unit, the LIFEBOOK TH90/P brings together the technologies and attention to detail that Fujitsu has accumulated over many years.

  • Fujitsu Introduces "GRANNOTE," a PC for the Mature Consumer Segment Tokyo, Global, February, 04 2014 - Fujitsu announced the introduction of its new GRANNOTE brand personal computer (LIFEBOOK AH90/P), available exclusively in Japan for active, mature adults, primarily around 60 years of age. The new model is set to go on sale in Japan on February 13.

  • Fujitsu Laboratories and Furukawa Electric Develop Low-Cost Multi-Fiber Optical Connector Kawasaki and Tokyo, Japan, Global, February, 03 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. today announced that they have collaborated to develop a new multi-fiber optical connector that enjoins and aligns multiple optical fibers for optical interconnects. The conventional method of connecting optical fibers requires high-precision polishing that aligns the tips of the fibers, making the cost of this process considerable. Fujitsu Laboratories and Furukawa Electric have developed a connector that can accommodate different lengths of optical fiber with a spring mechanism that obviates the need for this polishing process, slashing by more than half the cost required to connect optical fibers.


  • Notice Regarding Completion of Delisting from the London Stock Exchange Tokyo, Global, January, 31 2014 - Fujitsu has announced that its shares of common stock and European Depositary Receipts were delisted from the Official List of the UK Listing Authority and cancelled from admission to trading on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, both effective today. Fujitsu applied for the delisting and cancellation on November 28, 2013 following its announcement made on the same day.

  • Fujitsu Reports Fiscal 2013 Third-Quarter Financial Results Tokyo, Global, January 30, 2014 - Fujitsu today reported consolidated net income of 12.0 billion yen (US$114 million), an improvement of 92.8 billion yen from the loss recorded in the third quarter of fiscal 2012.

  • Fujitsu to Consolidate Mobile Phone Manufacturing Subsidiaries Tokyo, Global, January, 30 2014 - Fujitsu Limited today announced plans to integrate Fujitsu Mobile-phones Products Limited with Fujitsu Peripherals Limited, the two Japan-based companies that currently handle manufacturing, quality assurance, and repair of smartphones and feature phones (collectively referred to as "mobile phone handsets"). Mobile phone handset production is to be consolidated under Fujitsu Peripherals Limited, with a target date of April 1, 2014.

  • Fujitsu Computer System at the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research of the University of Tokyo Commences Operation Tokyo, Global, January, 24 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that it has completed construction of a new computer system for the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (ICRR) of the University of Tokyo. This x86 cluster system, forming the backbone for ICRR's research on cosmic rays, began operation on January 1, 2014.

  • Fujitsu Receives Top Evaluation in HDI's Support Center Certification Program Tokyo, Global, January, 21 2014 -

  • Fujitsu Organizes Security Products and Services under New FUJITSU Security Initiative Tokyo, Global, January, 20 2014 - Fujitsu today announced that it has organized its security-related products and services to bolster ICT safety and security for its customers and society into its new FUJITSU Security Initiative. This newly organized collection of products and services will initially only be available in Japan but will roll out globally in stages.

  • Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Technology for Automatically Linking with Open Data throughout the World Kawasaki, Japan, Beijing, China, and Middlesex, United Kingdom, Global, January, 16 2014 -

  • Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Technology Capable of Searching Encrypted Data to Maintain Privacy Kawasaki, Japan, Global, January, 15 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced the development of a technology that can perform concealed searches of encrypted data in its encrypted form. Searching data while it is encrypted makes it possible to maintain a high level of privacy with no risk of leaks – particularly important for personal data such as DNA, medical data, biological data, and educational records. Through outsourcing, searches of confidential data can be carried out safely as text data and keyword search terms kept private. Whether or not search hits are obtained also remains undisclosed.

  • Fujitsu Simulates 3,000-Atom Nano device, a Threefold Increase Kawasaki, Japan, Global, January, 14 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announces that it has successfully simulated the electrical properties of a 3,000-atom nano device – a threefold increase over previous efforts – using a supercomputer. At the nanoscale level, even minor differences in the local atomic configuration can have a major impact on the electrical properties of a device, requiring the first- principles method of calculation to be used to accurately compute physical properties at the atomic level. However, when applying this method to electrical property forecasting, the massive computations involved limit these forecasts to the order of 1,000 atoms.

  • Fujitsu Releases glovia G2 Easy Starter Kit for Production Management ERP Tokyo, Global, January 09, 2014 - Fujitsu today announced the introduction of the Easy Starter Kit for FUJITSU Enterprise Application glovia G2, its production management ERP for mid-sized assembly manufacturers. The kit brings together a basic set of functionality, the hardware needed to deploy it, and related services. The Easy Starter Kit is available from today.

  • Fujitsu Laboratories and Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute Team Up for Joint Development of Disaster-Prevention Technologies Kawasaki, Japan and Hsinchu City, Taiwan, Global, January 08, 2014 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan today announced that they are collaborating in the field of disaster prevention to develop autonomous sensor-network technology that can communicate information between devices without human intervention.

  • Fujitsu Announces Resignation of External Director Tokyo, Global, January 06, 2014 - Fujitsu Limited today announced that Shotaro Yachi has resigned as an external director, effective December 31, 2013.