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Through digital transformation, we are co-creating a human-centric society that is safer, more sustainable, and more prosperous.

Essence of CSR is adapting management practices based on the premise of sustainability

Picture: Fujitsu Limited President and Representative Director Tatsuya Tanaka

The essence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), I believe, is listening to the voices of stakeholders, and flexibly adapting management practices based on the premise of sustainability in society and business.

There are, however, some elements we should not change. These include Fujitsu's promise to, "Walk shoulder to shoulder with customers, earn their trust, and use technology to co-create a human-centric society that is safer, more prosperous, and more sustainable." I firmly believe that Fujitsu's technology makes people happier.

At present, I feel that there are two transformations to which we must respond.

The first transformation is global society. There are many people in the world who lack access to safe food and water and live with inadequate educational and medical services. A host of problems are worsening due to urbanization and aging societies. These problems, however, cannot be solved by intensifying our current measures to address them. In striving to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , Fujitsu believes that its corporate mission is to transform society through the power of technology.

The second transformation to respond to is digital society. ICT creates new value through digital transformation that spreads to the many corners of business and society. Progress of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and other endeavors makes problem solving and collaboration between humans and machines possible. At the same time, new areas of concern involving data security, privacy, and decrease of employment call for stronger responses. I believe that it is important for Fujitsu, in line with our responsibility as a global ICT company, to reduce any negative impacts of our business activities on society, while scaling up our businesses that benefit society.

As part of our worldwide corporate responsibility, Fujitsu supports, and is a signatory to the UN Global Compact's 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. Going forward, we will devote ourselves to respecting and upholding these principles and to the review and improvement of socially responsible activities with zero tolerance for exceptions. We will carry out these social responsibilities with no exceptions and continuously review and improve our activities. As for compliance, we have implemented the Global Compliance Program throughout the Fujitsu group in order to firmly establish a corporate culture where each and every Fujitsu employee around the world has zero tolerance for any wrongdoing.

Moreover, through digital transformation, we would like to work with our partners to create a human-centric intelligent society that is safer, more sustainable, and more prosperous.