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Telecoms IT Solutions

Reliable ICT solutions to drive telcoms opportunities
Streamlining costs
Need for speed
Monitising data
Creating value

Fujitsu telco IT solutions reduce cost whilst increasing flexibility

The telecommunications industry is a constantly evolving, fast paced and highly competitive environment. It’s a sector that’s being driven by high consumer expectation and a continual demand for new and improved services.

Whether streaming live TV, accessing on-demand services or receiving the latest news alerts, consumers now want access to services at any time, in any place and on any device they choose. This change in how services are consumed, requires telecoms providers to embrace new technology to keep pace with consumer demand.

The challenge facing telecommunications

Today’s telecoms providers are under constant pressure to securely and consistently meet growing consumer demand, whilst at the same time somehow managing to streamline operations and costs. Consumers want to switch on a device, and immediately access the service or information they need.

Expectations of accessibility, availability and reliability are therefore high, and telecoms providers are under intense pressure to keep pace and offer secure, consistent and unlimited services delivered 24/7/365.

To continue meeting demand for new and improved services, there has to be continued investment in technology. As a telecoms provider you need to be constantly innovating and developing new ways to attract the next generation of digital consumers.

Choosing Fujitsu as your telecoms IT solutions partner

With over 70 years of experience working across the entire telco value chain, we have vast expertise developing products and services for a global customer base. We partner many large telecoms providers around the globe, and have capabilities to support every element from store through to network infrastructure.

Within the UK we manage more than 1 million devices and provide around 40% of the broadband network. We understand the pressures facing today’s telecommunications industry, and can enable you to keep pace with change and stay ahead of your competitors. Our full scope of IT services and solutions, coupled with our wealth of experience within the telecoms sector, ensures you and your customers are in safe hands. Our offerings enable you to:

  • increase your flexibility, agility and speed in rolling out new systems
  • monetise your data
  • create value for your customers
  • reduce your costs

As a world-class IT partner we constantly innovate to develop new products and solutions. We have around 100,000 world-wide patents and invest over $2 billion per year in research and development.

Our IT solutions enable you to increase operational effectiveness, meet your customers’ demands for consumption and improve the overall customer experience.

Fujitsu telco case study:
  • The Customer: Telefónica O2 Ireland - a leading mobile services provider with 1.7 million customers.
  • The Challenge: O2 Ireland wanted to create a new channel to market, and needed Fujitsu to design and build a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler for service delivery.
  • The Solution: We built a robust and scalable MVNE for O2. We then extended the platform to support O2 UK Mobile Virtual Network Operator requirements. We provide full MVNE business, infrastructure and application managed services to O2.
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