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Fujitsu Manufacturing IT Solutions

Fujitsu IT solutions for manufacturing
Boosting workforce productivity
Manufacturing data solutions
Unlocking innovation in manufacturing
Improving operational efficiency

Fujitsu - a world class manufacturing technology provider

For well over 4 decades Fujitsu has been the chosen technology partner for manufacturers around the globe. With up to 100,000 patents world-wide, we offer world class IT systems and services to improve operational efficiency, increase productivity and enable expansion into new markets.

Our offerings include:

  • converging technology - operational, communication and information
  • ubiquitous connectivity - anywhere, anytime
  • digitalisation of everything
  • sensor arrays and wearable IoTs

Manufacturing technology for agility in a changing world

Within the manufacturing sector, digitalisation is empowering suppliers, retailers and consumers to drive price pressure and complexity down through the supply chain. Shorter product life cycles and manufacturing operations spread out across the globe, have led to complex and dynamic value chains, which are proving an enormous challenge to manage.

Customer demand for cost reductions, improved quality and new products, means manufacturers must continually innovate and invest in technology if they are to deliver to tight deadlines and on budget.

With Fujitsu technology you are enabled to remain agile, flexible, globally consistent yet locally relevant to the region in which you operate.

We have expertise in the following manufacturing capabilities:

  • workforce mobilisation
  • supply chain, stock control and management
  • process automation
  • infrastructure support and maintenance
  • RFID technology
  • IT security
  • trading compliance and audit
  • finance and procurement

Driving cost and complexity out of the supply chain

Within manufacturing, connected intelligence and collaboration are crucial to agility. With our GlobeRanger RFID technology for the supply chain, we make complex and time consuming processes more efficient and straightforward.

By implementing our world class IT solutions, you can streamline your supply chain and improve operational efficiency to drive down costs.

Global supply chains need connected infrastructure, and for those manufacturers sharing data with their customers and suppliers, data security can be a risk.

At Fujitsu we understand the risks of exchanging data along the global supply chain. As a world leader in Secure IT Thinking, we have solutions that can make your supply chain more secure and resilient.

Why choose Fujitsu?

With our technology we can empower you to:

  • constantly innovate to keep pace with change
  • maintain a sustainable supply chain
  • manage assets effectively and securely
  • reduce operational costs
  • boost workforce productivity
  • improve quality
  • maximise customer satisfaction

Find out about Fujitsu manufacturing IT services. Call us on +353 (0)1 813 6000 or email

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