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Fujitsu Sector IT Solutions

Fujitsu Manufacturing IT Solutions Fujitsu IT solutions for manufacturing

Within the manufacturing industry, constant technological innovation is required to keep up with ever increasing customer demands for new products, cost savings and quality improvements. Fujitsu has over 40 years of experience innovating and developing new technology that enables manufacturers to rapidly enter new markets, deliver on time and at a target price.

Fujitsu Healthcare Technology and Solutions Empowering better patient care

Fujitsu IT solutions equip healthcare professionals with the technology they need to integrate data and care pathways. We provide technology that focuses on efficiency, whilst also enhancing the patient care experience.

Telecoms IT Solutions Reliable ICT solutions to drive telcoms opportunities

Fujitsu IT solutions enable telecoms providers to remain ahead in a fast pace and competitive environment. Customer expectations within the sector are high. Our telecommunication technology allows costs to be streamlined, while at the same time enabling providers to meet customer demand for new and improved services.

Construction IT for the Built Environment The Built Environment

The built environment encompasses construction, engineering and facilities management, and is a high pressure and information intensive industry. Fujitsu IT solutions enable the efficient co-ordination of assets, real time data and the supply chain, all of which are critical to operational effectiveness, site management and profitability.