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IT Security for Financial Services

Enabling security in every aspect
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Keeping your data and your reputation safe

Perhaps, more than any other sector today, the financial services market faces huge risks with regard to digital security and data loss. Banking, insurance, pension and investment companies have all witnessed the rapid rise in available business information (Big Data), demand for digital interaction and intensified regulation. All of these factors increase the pressure on your organisation to counteract the risks from sophisticated cyber hacking, direct theft and malware attacks.

The loss of either customer information or other sensitive high value data, could seriously damage consumer confidence and lead to the long term loss of your reputation. Developing solutions to detect threats and keep your customers’ data safe should therefore be a high priority.

Learn more below with commentary from industry experts on security:

Partner with a world leader in secure financial services

Fujitsu has been developing secure financial solutions for global financial services companies for over 40 years, our responsible approach is proven. At the core of our ability is Secure Thinking - we understand how critically important it is for you to keep your customer information and other high value data safe, for this reason we:

  • constantly evaluate potential risks such as from hacking and malware
  • analyse past threats so that we can predict potential future threats
  • come up with counter measures to protect your business

Fujitsu’s world class solutions consistently exceed government and financial security policies. Our financial software, infrastructure and security services conform to the highest level of standards and regulations.

Fujitsu is an IT security expert with one of the largest dedicated security practices in the UK and Ireland. Through our 24/7 Security Operations Centre we keep you one step ahead.

Fujitsu security solutions:

  • provide real intelligence and visibility on the state of your environment
  • ensure secure access to information at any time, in any location
  • allow you the flexibility to respond to new business challenges

Partnering with us enables you to stay protected and one step ahead of sophisticated attacks and threats.

Finance security and fraud prevention

Case Study – Bradesco S.A Brazil

Fujitsu was chosen as a partner by Banco Bradesco S.A, one of the largest banks in Brazil. We were asked to develop a solution to overcome breaches in ATM security.

In response we came up with the continent’s first biometric solution, PalmSecure™.

35,000 Fujitsu palm vein scanners are now installed in ATMs across Brazil to read individual vein patterns in a person's palm. Our system is fast, accurate, easy to use and far more secure than bank cards which can be cloned or stolen.

With the introduction of this innovative technology Fujitsu has enabled Bradesco to drive down fraud related costs to virtually zero.

Watch the Bradesco case study video

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