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Insurance Technology

Digital disruption... isn't just a tall tale
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Using Fujitsu Insurance Technology Solutions to drive business growth

From the increased use of insurance aggregators, to the rise of InsurTech organisations, digital technology is empowering insurers to evolve and keep pace with changing consumer demand. With the Fujitsu 2016 European Financial Services Survey, revealing that up to half of all UK consumers now prefer to purchase their insurance through comparison websites, the focus for insurers is now firmly on price, rather than brand or customer loyalty.

With demand for digital insurance services rising, and cost being an over-riding factor in policy choice, the business priority for today’s insurers, is to digitalise to enable cost efficiencies.

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Fujitsu Insurance IT delivers service improvements and cost reductions

Delivering low cost policies is not easy, and is a challenge for insurance providers burdened with high internal IT costs. At Fujitsu we design and deliver sustainable, customer-centric IT solutions that enable process efficiencies and cost reductions. We are experts in digital transformation and have vast experience helping organisations to digitalise. As world leaders in IT security our solutions are underpinned by our extensive knowledge and experience in risk, security and compliance.

We enable you to overcome the barriers and potential risks associated with digitalisation. In partnering with us you are enabled to take advantage of the benefits of digital enablement to;

Drive growth – make the most of new business opportunities using our:

  • Data Analytics
  • Telematics
  • Collaboration Services

Deliver personalised services– gain insight into your customers’ behaviour and improve customer engagement using our:

  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Process Optimisation

Reduce risk – safeguard your systems and customer data using our:

  • Security Services

Simplify infrastructure – increase productivity and improve staff efficiency using our:

  • Application Transformation and Modernisation
  • Mobile Workplace Solutions

Why choose Fujitsu as your insurance IT service and solutions provider?

We work closely with world-class technology partners to deliver agile and flexible services and solutions that drive business growth. Our Insurance technology and service offering includes:

Big Data - unlock value from your customer data

Within today’s insurance market, the main driver for product choice is cost. This shift to purchasing predominantly on price, means developing long term customer relationships and retaining loyalty is a challenge. Delivering personalised insurance services is a key factor in attracting new customers and retaining their loyalty, which can be achieved by revolutionising your service delivery through digitalisation.

With our Big Data analytics solutions you are enabled to unlock value from your customers’ data. With the insight you gain from customer behaviour, you can create bespoke new services that will boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. In addition, our solutions can also help you unlock data collected from smart bands and smart cars, which can be used to help lower premiums and increase customer retention.

Fujitsu IT security solutions – protect your data from attack

With digitisation and the internet of things (IoT), consumers now have access to services at any time, in any location and on any device. This presents insurers with an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction, develop closer customer relationships and increase loyalty. With the rising use of IoT comes a significant increase in the volume of customer data collected, and insurers must manage this data safely, as concerns over security are most often cited as a reason to switch providers.

At Fujitsu, we are world-leading experts in IT security, with more than 40 years of experience as a service and solutions provider to the Defence sector and the UK MOD. Our highly secure solutions align with compliance and regulations PCI DSS, SOX, ISO22301:2012 and ISO 27001/2. We can help you to limit the potential risks associated with digital business transformation, and enable you to manage your customer data both safely and securely.

Fujitsu data centre services

We have decades of experience delivering high availability data centre services to customers around the globe, and have proven expertise in providing outsourced services for insurers.

  • We are a data centre outsourcing Gartner Magic Quadrant leader.
  • All of our secure data centres are certified Uptime Institute Tier III.
  • We were the first European data centre service provider to be awarded the Gold Operational sustainability award by the Uptime Institute.

Fujitsu legacy modernisation

We have extensive experience within legacy modernisation and transformation. We use our own world-class migration tools, including Fujitsu NetCOBOL, as well as 200 partner solutions, to deliver fast, low-cost, tool-based legacy modernisation. By partnering with us you can improve customer retention and increase your competitive edge.

Fujitsu –helping insurance providers to digitally transform

Munich Re Case Study

Munich Re Case Study

Fujitsu was chosen by the insurance provider Munich Re (45,000 staff world-wide) to provide its data centre outsourcing. In partnering with us they achieve significant cost savings whilst retaining quality services.

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DDOR Novi Case Study

DDOR Novi Case Study

Fujitsu was chosen by DDOR to deploy an ETERNUS DX410 in its new disaster recovery facility, and an ETERNUS DX440 storage device in its datacentre. With the ETERNUS DX400 series DDOR receives outstanding scalability in a capacity intensive environment .

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