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Hybrid IT solutions for Financial Services

Driving efficiency, delivering results
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Driving business efficiency, delivering results

Today financial services ICT departments need to recover and respond to their business fast, whilst remaining agile and secure throughout. Cost cutting and improving efficiency has been on the agenda for the last decade and for many this isn’t going away.

You need to be able to embrace technology that generates agility so that IT can be scaled up and down to meet business’ needs. In banking, for example, account applications need to be processed in hours, not days and loans need to be provided when the customer needs them, not simply when technology allows.

Within the financial services sector, streamlining operations is a significant factor in increasing efficiency and hence lowering costs.

At Fujitsu we believe in lean thinking to come up with new ways to:

  • increase your operational efficiency
  • reduce your costs
  • improve your customer service

Fujitsu’s continuous focus on improvement and efficiency has enabled us to develop fast, lean and agile IT systems - solutions that enable your processes to be completed within hours and not days.

Migrating financial services to the cloud and Hybrid IT

Fast becoming the new normal, cloud managed services are one of the enablers to achieving agility for financial services providers. At Fujitsu we have developed a service which we call Hybrid IT; it’s fundamentally about embracing all types of cloud – its compelling economics and operating model – while also being able to derive value from traditional IT.

We see cloud, and in particular Hybrid IT, as playing a key role in underpinning a society where social and business innovation is driven by the intelligent use of ICT. Hybrid IT presents the opportunity to centralise risk management, improve resilience and security, and aid in the running of numerous resource intensive applications and services, at lower costs.

With over 5,000 cloud customers globally Fujitsu have built up unique expertise that can help you deliver on your business aspirations.

By migrating your business to the Cloud we can help you improve your business agility by coming up with easy to deploy scalable solutions.

Fujitsu Cloud enables you to:

  • run resource intensive applications and services at lower cost
  • significantly improve your business efficiency
  • centralise risk management
  • improve resilience and security
  • make massive cost savings
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