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Customer Centric Solutions for Financial Services

Digital; much more than online
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Putting customers at the core of your business

Improving customer experience is now the top priority for financial services, as our recent Financial Services Report showed. This priority is being driven by a number of pressures; from the 7 Day Current Account Switch Service in banking, to big data solutions driving more personalised products in insurance.

Delivering a good customer experience has never been more important in retaining or losing customer loyalty.

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Developing a digital strategy to give your customers what they want

Digital services can offer your customers an enticing range of new ways to interact with your business. For digital to become an integral part of your customer offering, you need a technology partner with true digital capabilities – introducing Digital 2.0 from Fujitsu.

Digital 2.0 demonstrates our unique ability to progress digital modernisation whilst remaining focused on a customer centric experience.

Delivering digital IT innovation for banking and finance

Our Digital 2.0 approach allows your business to deliver the critical balance between business continuity and innovation. According to an Economist Intelligence Unit survey* - 31% of executives said that the most innovative ideas in the sector would come not from in-house R&D but from the customer. Citing that customers want a single experience, more mobility and more engagement.

We can help your business deliver digital innovation to:

  • keep your business agile so you are poised to deliver as customer needs evolve
  • enable an holistic view of each customer even across separate business areas
  • give your customers secure access to your services whenever and wherever they want
  • provide cost effective solutions to overcome the challenges of transformation
  • enable your business to innovate so you can stay ahead of your competition

A digital platform from Fujitsu can enhance the customer experience whilst at the same time streamlining your business processes and reducing your costs.

* The Economist Intelligence Unit research programme explores the impact technology advances will have on how companies do business over the next five years. A total of 661 executives from around the world participated in the survey.

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