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IT Services and Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Always Connected
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Digitalisation within energy and utilities

For energy and utilities providers, digital transformation offers new ways to connect customers, assets, employees and derive actionable intelligence from IT. It provides a means to keep pace with the commercial, regulatory and technology changes affecting the industry, and enables better interaction with customers living in a connected world.

Fujitsu digital IT solutions – transform with confidence

Fujitsu is one of the top 5 digital IT service and solutions providers in the world. We develop and deliver innovative energy and utilities solutions that create new opportunities for our customers. We work with energy and utilities providers from around the globe.

We invest £1.5bn in research and development each year to create innovative world-leading digital technology, services and end-to-end solutions that can enable you to digitalise with confidence. Through our connected infrastructure, workforce and supply chain management offerings we can help you to; drive operational excellence, leverage assets, unlock complexity, and create new business opportunities. We have the proven experience and expertise you need to:

  • develop intelligent assets
  • build a smart workforce
  • maintain the security and safety of both your data and people
  • unlock innovation
  • grow revenue
  • address the energy trilemma of ‘affordability’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘security’
  • implement BI and Analytics solutions to support customer intelligence and smart metering solutions
  • implementAI/Sensor technology to support telemetry/SCADA systems and predicative maintenance within networks and utilities infrastructure
Digital co-creation in energy and utilities

Skills in the workplace

Within the UK, the energy and utilities sector supports tens of thousands of jobs. However, with an ageing workforce and the inevitable retirement of skilled technical workers, a skills gap crisis is set to emerge that will become one of the most significant challenges energy and utilities service providers will face.
To enable organisations to plan for this crisis, Fujitsu commissioned research to identify the issues and understand the action required to maintain a skilled workforce. Over the course of our research, we interviewed 250 directors, senior managers, and business owners from the energy, utilities and built environment sectors, along with 1,004 young students, to compare the perceptions of employers with those of the next generation of workers. Find out more by reading our detailed research reports.

Energy and Utilities Infographic

Discover how we have helped our customers solve their challenges

Fujitsu strengthened our overall security

Scottish Water, UK

For Scottish Water, we implemented Cyber Threat Intelligence and Managed Security Services to enhance the organisation’s defences. Intelligence-driven security analytics are now used to rapidly detect and prevent crypto-malware, and disinfect contaminated
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Professional reliable partner to manage regulatory separation program

Gascade GmbH, Germany

For Gascade, we managed the separation of the business-critical SAP from their parent organisation and moved them into a three-tiered Application Support Model alongside ongoing consulting for HANA adoption.

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AUS $70m savings over the next 15 years

Melbourne Water, Australia

For Melbourne Water, we replaced legacy asset management system with our IBM Maximo Asset Management System to support 600 users and enable the accurate tracking of inventory, jobs and assets.

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K5 enabled maximum capacity at minimal cost

Metawater, Japan

For Metawater, we implemented our Cloud Service K5 platform to enable information-based collaboration with other industries. Metawater can now quickly respond to changing water and sewerage utilities’ needs, and rapidly recover in the event of a system failure or disaster.

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Discover more about our Energy and Utilities solutions

Connected Assets

Connected Assets

Fujitsu’s connected infrastructure and intelligent assets can improve productivity, enhance performance, and better enable delivery on your customer promises.

Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations

Fujitsu supply chain management, Big Data analytics, wearable sensor devices and GlobeRanger RFID technology can unlock supply chain complexity, turn intelligence into competitive value, and harness your physical and digital assets.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Fujitsu’s intelligent led IT security services can protect your systems and data from theft and cyber attack.

Smart Workforce

Smart Connected Workforce

Fujitsu technology for the connected workforce, such as our industrial IoT technology and Hyper-Connected Van, provide efficiency and productivity improvements that can enable you to surpass customer expectations in an increasingly competitive market.

Energy and Utilities Insights

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Meet our Energy and Utilities experts

Graeme Wright
Graeme Wright
CTO - Manufacturing, Utilities & Services, Fujitsu UK

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John Maddocks
John Maddocks
Managing Consultant - Utilities, Fujitsu UK

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