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Infrastructure Managed Services: Managing Your Critical IT Server Estate

Proactive remote server management

Fujitsu’s management of your server estate frees you to concentrate on business growth

Our Infrastructure Managed Service delivers proactive remote server management and support. We manage your critical IT infrastructure to ensure that your business maintains the highest possible levels of service availability and performance.

In a world where customer expectations and service requirements are high, any failures and service interruptions can have a large impact on productivity and customer satisfaction. At Fujitsu we understand that effective infrastructure management is critical to business service delivery.

We use our tools and expertise to maintain your server availability at the highest level. This leaves you to focus on business growth, increasing productivity, increasing sales and enhancing customer satisfaction.

With our flexible cost shared services, you only buy-in what you need. With our help you can: Improve service levels without increasing cost. Increase agility to rapidly respond to changing business and customer demands. Lower operating costs by streamlining processes.

Fujitsu systems management delivers optimum performance.

We provide the tooling, methods and best practices to enable the effective and efficient management of your business’ IT infrastructure. Our services are delivered by highly skilled teams from a controlled, secure operating environment, that is maintained to standards aligned with industry best practice.

Service goals

  • to deliver optimum performance
  • to deliver optimum availability
  • to maintain the integrity of the infrastructure environment

Service features

Fujitsu infrastructure managed services offer feature rich solutions designed to manage and protect your infrastructure, these include:

  • proactive management of operating systems, infrastructure applications and databases
  • infrastructure monitoring and management tools to maintain the operating environment
  • enterprise class, dual site, data protection backup
  • standard pre-tested operating system builds
  • asset & configuration reporting
  • proactive alerting and CMDB integration
  • on-shore, near-shore, off-shore or blended delivery options
  • consumption based charging – you only pay for what you use
  • a 24/7 service delivery option

Service benefits

Business value is delivered through the application of best industry methods and toolsets, which we have developed using our experience and desire to continuously learn and improve.

  • We offer a proactive approach that removes the headaches that can occur with managing IT infrastructures.
  • We maintain systems and services through their operating lifecycle, which enables you to focus on your core business.
  • Our offerings can maximise your infrastructure availability, performance and user productivity levels at a predictable monthly cost.

Fujitsu OptiMISe

Our infrastructure managed services are underpinned by Fujitsu OptiMISe, a world leading integrated toolset that provides the services you need to protect the uptime of your IT infrastructure. Using OptiMISe we can improve service availability, increase efficiency and lower operating costs.

Find out more about OptiMISe and its benefits.

Developing a tailor-made management solution

At Fujitsu we understand that each business is different, which is why we never take a one size fits all approach. We create a service that is matched to your business needs and IT budget. We have extensive experience and proven capability in handling smooth service transitions across all industry sectors. We operate in 177 countries, cover 41 languages and manage 145,000 servers. Whether you require retail outlet server management, server systems management or another management service, we have a solution to maintain high service availability levels.

Find out more how we can meet your business needs.

Why Fujitsu

What makes our infrastructure managed services stand out?

We are recognised by Gartner as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing and Infrastructure Utility Services, Europe - 2015.

We are one of the top five IT service providers in the world, which is why we have been chosen as a trusted IT partner by organisations around the globe, including half of the Fortune 1000.

Using our experience and specialised expertise we can help you to overcome the infrastructure management challenges your organisation faces. Our flexible cost services, are charged on a per component managed basis, and are delivered remotely from our secure data and delivery centres.

Find out more about our data centres.

We manage IT environments for many of the UK’s largest organisations.
We have a proven ability in managing complex mission critical systems 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
Utility Pricing
We offer a simple utility based charging model, which means you only pay for the components we manage.
The number of components can be flexed up and down to allow easier IT budget forecasting.
Proven Standards
We have mature, proven standards and methods borne out of our extensive experience.
We enable customer businesses through the proactive management of their critical infrastructure.
Research and Development
We use Lean techniques and take the lessons learnt from across our delivery, and apply it in a way that is of continued benefit to our customers.

Commitment to service improvement

Our approach to continual service improvement is driven by our Lean methodology. We are dedicated to ensuring that our service delivery never stands still. We care about your IT service availability as much as you do, and remain committed to always improving the service we deliver.

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Find out more about OptiMISe and its benefits
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