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Data Centre Service FAQs

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, or you would simply like to find out more about our Data Centre Services, please contact us.

Suitability of Data Centre Services

Who can co-locate in your Data Centres?

We welcome all organisations from both the public and private sector, big or small, we will have a solution that meets your needs.

Where can you deliver Data Centre Services from?

Fujitsu operates 3 strategic Data Centres in and out of London. London North and London East typically host our managed service customers with our co-location offering suitable to our London Central facility. That said, if there is a location that meets your requirements, then Fujitsu would be very happy to work up a solution with you. For more information on the specifications of our facilities please click here.

Contracts and commitments

Is there a minimum commitment to this offering?

We would recommend a commitment of 3 years to maximise your return on investment but could offer a 2 year deal if your business requirements deem this necessary.

Is there a minimum volume required?

The minimum volume is one rack.

How do you ensure I’m being charged correctly?

We operate a metered power rack model where you can choose from densities ranging from 8 amps to 64 amps. You will then only be charged for the power you consume as this is measured at a rack level.

Do I have to sign up to a preferred carrier?

As our data centres are carrier neutral, you have complete freedom to choose the carrier that best suits your requirements.

The Service

I have critical IT infrastructure that needs to be highly available and highly secure, does your service meet these requirements?

Fujitsu is the perfect partner for providing highly available and highly secure Data Centre services. All of our Data Centres are operated to Tier III standard with our latest facility in London North the first in Europe to be certified by the Uptime Institute for design, build and gold operational sustainability. We pride ourselves on operational excellence and all of our processes and procedures are consistent across all of our facilities therefore able to provide high availability to a Tier III+ level.

Security is at the forefront of what we do. All of our Data Centres are ISO27001 accredited and is supported by stringent access control policies and procedures, 24/7 security guards, man traps, biometric readers and proximity cards that restrict access to specific areas, electrified perimeter fencing, anti-ram barriers and full internal and external CCTV coverage.

We provide hosting for all levels of security and compliant with customers who need to be PCI-DSS certified so whatever your security requirements are we can meet your needs.

Are you vendor neutral?

We obviously like to promote Fujitsu First but we can accommodate most other vendors.

Do I need to provide my own racks?

You have the choice, we can provide them at a very good price or you can supply your own. If you want to supply your own in our London East and London North facilities then they must conform with our rack standards which would be 42U in size.

Do you provide remote hands services?

Yes, we can provide this service on a 24/7 basis. We can offer this in 2 levels. The first level will consist of basic activities such as server reboots, visual verification, third party escorting and tape handling and we can offer a second level which will typically be activities such as cable patching, installations, component swapouts for example. This can be engaged via your Fujitsu contact.

If maintenance is carried out will I lose power?

We provide both A and B feeds to all customer racks in the data hall so if your collocating your equipment in a Fujitsu Data Centre then its your responsibility to make sure that you use them. Where a single power feed is installed, we recommend that it be connected to an appropriately specified Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). We operate our Data Centres to Tier III standard which means that the site is concurrently maintainable and therefore a minimum of N+1 redundancy on all major Mechanical and Engineering components.

Is being green and environmentally friendly important to you?

Absolutely. Fujitsu prides itself on being a socially responsible organisation and therefore being environmentally friendly and therefore energy efficient in the Data Centres is vitally important to us. As well as being an active member of the Green Grid and an endorser and participant in the EU code of conduct, we also have a team of professionals dedicated to efficiency in the Data Centre.

Energy consumption is now a fundamental part of the costs of running a data centre, contributing around 30-40% of the total cost. Achieving a sustainable reduction in energy bills is a key driver for any business. Many large organisations are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and the environmental impact of its data centres but do not know how to approach the challenge of energy reduction in the Data Centre. Fujitsu is best placed to do this and also recognise that by being energy efficient also means that we can deliver services to our customers more cost effectively.