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Business Change

Businesses need to adapt to shifting markets, legislation and economic conditions. Business agility is essential in order to remain competitive. Managing change can be complicated. There are often numerous stakeholders, and painstaking planning is necessary to minimise the negative impacts and ensure that your business continues to run smoothly throughout the process.

We can help you during each stage of the change management process including:

  • Benefits planning and business case creation
  • Management of change through stakeholder engagement – it’s vital to understand what the impact will be on the different stakeholders
  • Communicating change effectively, breaking down the barriers to change. If employees are nervous about new technology, explaining the benefits clearly can help to get their support
  • Organisational impact, process and design – ensuring the development of an optimised operating model with clear performance measures
  • Enhancing business capability through training and development to enable full use of the new technology and systems

We can deliver these phases independently, or as part of a complete end-to-end service.

As well as needing to manage the bigger changes, we can help turn your business into an adaptive organisation, able to quickly respond to changes in the market and gain a competitive edge. Consumer trends, regulation and new competition all require a response. The faster and more agile your response is, the better you will cope with future challenges.

Fujitsu helps organisations re-shape their IT to deliver business agility through integrated managed services across our technology and IT services portfolio.

"By self-report, which always tends to overstate positive factors and understate negative factors, only 32% of those in private firms and 17% in public sector organisations are in my view at all optimistic that they are 'fit to change'. In a world that is changing more and more rapidly, these are highly distressing numbers.”

Professor John P Kotter, Harvard Business School.


International Personal Finance improved their business agility significantly by working with Fujitsu. The IT solutions we provided gave them greater flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to business challenges.

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Is your business fit to change? Download our research reports.

Our researchers asked private sector companies which factors were most significant in driving change, what capabilities business needed in order to manage that change, and how capable they felt in each area.

Download the private sector report

Our research with 100 chief executives, managing directors and heads of departments within central and local government can begin to answer some of the questions which linger around the need and capability to reform in the public sector.

Download the public sector report