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Fujitsu ISVs Programme: Agility, Flexible Pricing and Security

Fujitsu ISVs Programme: Agility, Flexible Pricing and Security

Our ISV (Independent Software Vendor) community programme is another example of Fujitsu’s desire to be at the forefront of applying innovative technology to solve customers’ business issues. It delivers value for you in three ways:

  • Agility: achieve low-risk and fast-track access to a robust cloud presence in days or weeks rather than months (depending on application and business model); reach new international markets for your products; and transition quickly from licence into a SaaS model.
  • Flexible Pricing: leverage flexible pricing, subscription management and billing in order to be more responsive to your customers’ demands
  • Security: Fujitsu’s cloud platform is global, secure and reliable; cloud is fundamental to our growth strategy as a business and is receiving significant investment from our Japanese board; enablement and hosting via Fujitsu’s trusted cloud services means boosted credibility for you and reassurance for your customer.

Within the UK and Ireland (UK&I) Fujitsu provides a complete offering for you to start immediate transition into the cloud or to maximise your opportunities if already there. You can quickly and easily start selling your application-as-a-service, as opposed to continuing down the licensing route, which is exactly what your customers are asking for.

Also, our global cloud platform is consistent across all locations. That means you can deploy in the UK today and decide to deploy tomorrow in Australia. Design effort is applied just once and deployment effort and costs are reduced for additional projects.

A Flexible Engagement Model with Fujitsu

We offer choice to fit your needs by offering multiple cloud services and engagement options:

  • Powered by Fujitsu: this is where we ‘stand behind’ ISVs and allow them to go to market directly to their customers from our cloud platform
  • Promoted by Fujitsu: this is where we stand alongside ISVs and jointly support their activity
  • Partnered with Fujitsu: this is where, when mutually beneficial, the ISV partners with Fujitsu in going to market and Fujitsu sells the ISV’s offering as SaaS into specific vertical markets (e.g. retail, banking, local government) through our own sales and distribution channels to our UK&I (and potentially global) customer base

Fujitsu also offers portal access to a standard catalogue and easy and simple fulfilment, backed up by billing and payment services. This makes life easy for you and for your customers.

Fujitsu, as a Japanese company, has a slightly different perspective from our competitors. We think carefully about the social and environmental context in which we work. We are very proud of our partnership approach to working with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) – and we believe that this programme for our ISV community marks an important part of that commitment.

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