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VME Applications and Solutions

VME - Into the Future

“The customer experience is our primary focus. On this application, we have an estimated 1.5million policies to service. Our main concern was ensuring that customers are not adversely affected, either during the transition of the hosting of the mainframe, or through the continued support. We want a very stable service that works like clockwork and Fujitsu delivers that. By handing over the support of this IT platform to Fujitsu, we can also ensure that we focus on driving technological innovation within the business – allowing us to truly adopt a ‘hybrid’ approach, maintaining legacy where needed and driving innovation where possible.”
Andy McGarrie
Chief Technology Officer, Royal London

Fujitsu fully understands the importance of the VME environment, particularly the VME Applications, in delivering mission-critical business for our customers, and hence the requirement for these VME Applications to continue to deliver that business over the long term. It is for this reason that Fujitsu has committed to and is investing in a strategy that will provide and underpin this capability. This strategy is VME Applications as a Service (VAaaS) and is an environment whereby the VME Applications can continue to function and deliver business benefit for the long term.

2020 is no longer an issue for VME Applications.

VME Solutions

VME (Virtual Machine Environment) is Fujitsu’s flagship mainframe operating system. Originally developed in the mid 1970’s it remains one of the newest operating systems in its class.

The current superNOVA solution enables VME to run in industry-standard Windows or Linux environments – making proprietary hardware a thing of the past.

VME is the workhorse behind the UK Government’s revenues and benefits systems – supporting over 150,000 staff online and handling over a billion transactions each year.
Many other customers in the UK and around the world continue to rely on VME. Whether in the Government, Private or Public sector, VME provides a consistently reliable platform to support mission-critical business applications.

The ‘icing on the cake’ for VME is HostTalk. Without needing to disturb applications, they can be given a modern look and feel – even combined on the same screen – so organisations can become more citizen or customer centric.

We know that VME continues to provide enormous value for our customers so Fujitsu not only maintains it, but continues to invest in and develop VME. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that VME continues to deliver a world class enterprise environment into the 21st century.