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Legacy Modernisation

The Fujitsu Global Legacy Modernisation service is designed to help organisations investigate the options available for deriving further benefit from the significant investment already made in ageing, strategic applications. 
Legacy Modernisation focuses on your business enablement needs and the enormous potential that your existing systems possess. Your organisation has likely invested a great deal of time and effort in ensuring your IT systems deliver your specific business requirements. With Fujitsu Legacy Modernisation, you can go that extra step to improve longevity, usability, functionality and accessibility. We can also help you address issues such as vendor lock-in, high costs, technological redundancy, skills rarity and unacceptable time to market.
Whatever the drivers for undertaking a modernisation project, Fujitsu has the skills and experience to guide you on your journey. Alongside our program partners, we cater for a complete range of business and technology requirements. Starting with Application Value Assessments (AVA) and covering migration to cloud platforms, we work with you all the way through to full deployment.