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Fujitsu’s solutions experience is complemented by our extensive product portfolio spanning the carrier, Enterprise and SME market sectors.

Specialising in access and metro applications, Fujitsu’s products are proven in Next Generation Access and Point-to-Point networks globally.

Wireless E-band Links

BroadOne GX4000 systems operating in the E-band frequency feature Fujitsu’s Impulse Radio technology, and provide quick and easy solutions for building multi-Gigabit wireless networks.

Copper Multi-Service Access Node

Fujitsu's GeoStream Access Gateway CMSAN is the only multi-service platform that has been proven in the field to deliver all the required NGN applications.

Synchronous Ethernet Aggregation

Fujitsu’s FDX2460 is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch used in multiple applications to provide support for Next Generation Access, Mobile Backhaul and Point-to-Point fibre networks.

Gigabit PON

Fujitsu’s GPON and active Ethernet FTTx solutions are based on the Calix E-Series platform. The E7 Ethernet Service Access Platform introduces new levels of flexibility and scalability for Ethernet service delivery.

Wireless Transport Networks

Fujitsu’s FRX-2 is a traditional SDH Microwave Radio System, and the FRX-3E is Fujitsu’s next-generation long-haul SDH/Ethernet-Hybrid Microwave Radio System.

Network Management Systems

Fujitsu has been creating advanced Network Management Systems (NMS) for many years, continuously evolving the leading edge carrier-grade FENS network management and information modeling system.

Packet Optical Networking Platform

Fujitsu's Packet Optical Networking Platform, FLASHWAVE® 9500 delivers high-bandwidth packet-based services for today's multi-protocol packet environment.