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Utilities (BS2000)

True IT solutions represent the balanced interaction of hardware, software, methodology and expertise. It is only in this combination that customers can be offered satisfactory overall solutions. IT solutions with different tools or utilities can be adapted very flexibly to customer-specific requirements. Data recorded by applications can be analyzed or monitored to optimize overall system performance.

FUJITSU Software BS2000 BS2IDE

BS2IDE – Integrated Development Environment for BS2000 based on Eclipse


A user-friendly file editor for creating and editing standard BS2000 SAM and ISAM files, text-type library elements and POSIX files.


FMS is a system for the management of combined BS2000 files in FMS libraries.


Creates and manages BS2000 program libraries and processes the program members they contain.


A BS2000 program for transferring data between identical or different types of volumes or peripheral devices.


An efficient BS2000 sort and merge program for records employing user-defined criteria.


Enables BS2000 users to place programs in a self-defined time environment.