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Car/Air DC Mini Adapter 80

Frequent travelers need to charge their mobile devices anywhere. The FUJITSU Car/Air DC Mini Adapter 80 doesn´t add anything to your luggage weight, since it is one of the world’s smallest adapters. Whether in a car or in a plane: charge your mobile system or phone with one device only.

Technical details

Power supply input12V-15V 9A max.
Power supply output19V 3.5A / 67W max. + 5V 2.4A (USB)
Output characteristics2 exchangeable tips:
for 19V Fujitsu Notebooks (N07) 5.5x2.5x10.7mm
for 19V Fujitsu Tablets (N34) 3.5x1.35x9.6mm
Weight60 g (car adapter w/o cables)
Dimensions (W x D x H)64 x 49 x 21 mm