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KIDUKU project leads to breakthrough in concussion research

Fujitsu Ireland Ltd.

Dublin, October 18, 2016

Fujitsu and The Insight Centre for Data Analytics UCD has announced the successful completion of the first phase of a collaboration project to develop a data platform to assist clinicians, physiotherapists and sports coaches in the assessment and monitoring of patients in recovery from concussion.

Assessment and monitoring of concussion is challenging, especially in the case of athletes who may not accurately report symptoms. Using the data platform readings are taken using low cost, off-the-shelf sensor technology and uploaded to the cloud via smartphones. The Fujitsu/Insight team have developed algorithms to interpret the readings, which can then be provided directly to the clinician in user-friendly formats.

The sensors can be used to capture motion data in step down care settings and in non-clinical environments throughout the day, giving clinicians a more objective and accurate portrait of the patient’s movement and recovery over time.

The new platform, known as the KIDUKU 1, 2 system, has been devised by a team of physiotherapists, engineers, programmers and data visualisation experts to provide clinicians with direct, easy-to-interpret sensor readings across a range of indicators such as gait, posture and balance. The KIDUKU Project began as a research initiative to provide monitoring services and assisted independent living for senior citizens, a three-year collaboration between Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Ireland.

Welcoming the results, Fujitsu Ireland CEO Tony O’Malley said:
“Fujitsu Ireland is delighted that the KIDUKU research collaboration has led to this breakthrough in concussion research.  It is our hope that this globally innovative science will rapidly lead to better care for the countless people who are affected by concussion and related brain injuries, whether it be from sports related injuries, automobile accidents or other types of trauma”.

“The smart technology capability developed as a result of this global collaboration is exceptional in the range of data it can provide to improve patient care outcomes and enhance the healthcare experience of those living with a range of health conditions’.

The system will be presented at the 5th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport, to be held in Berlin, Germany on October 27-28, 2016. The event brings together world leading scientists and clinical experts to review the latest scientific evidence on sport concussion.

The KIDUKU Project began as a research initiative to provide monitoring services and assisted independent living for senior citizens. 

Researchers developed a range of sensors, data visualisation techniques and analysis technologies to monitors patients’ daily movement patterns. The result led to a system that has application potential in a number of clinical scenarios, yet is particularly suited to concussion monitoring. Coaches and physiotherapists can use the sensors to collect accurate baseline results in healthy players. These results provide a comparator during the concussion recovery process.

This unique, multifaceted system has the potential to be developed for other conditions and patient groups.

Overview of the Joint Research

Small sensors worn by patients are used to collect biomechanical and physiological information, in the clinic, at home or outdoors. Bringing together the insights of physiotherapists, data visualisation and analysis technologies, Fujitsu Laboratories and Insight developed a system that returns accurate, easy-to-read results direct to the clinician regarding key indicators for concussion.

What is "KIDUKU"?

The project's name, KIDUKU, captures the essence of two Japanese words, both pronounced "kiduku," with the first meaning "to be aware" and the second, "to construct." The idea of being aware has to do with the ability to observe changes in different conditions, such as an individual's health, which can lead to changes in behaviour and the offering of new support services. For this purpose, Fujitsu aims to "construct" a knowledge platform that provides services to help patients gain a heightened sense of awareness. The company also seeks to build senior citizen-oriented solutions that employ this system and are useful in everyday life. By collaborating with the Insight Centre in Ireland on this project, Fujitsu is seeking to build a closer relationship between Ireland and Japan.

About the Insight Centre for Data Analytics

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics was established in 2013 by Science Foundation Ireland to bring together the significant data science expertise available in Ireland. Insight now comprises over 400 data researchers across a range of areas from data capture and storage to data mining, analysis and modelling.

Since its establishment in 2013 the Centre has made significant advances in a range of data research areas from connected health to smart cities to recommender systems. The Centre has secured the largest share of H2020 funding in Ireland and Insight researchers are working with the global data community at the highest level.

  1. Research project to support independent living See “Fujitsu Launches Research Project to Provide Health Monitoring Technologies and Assisted Independent Living for Smart House Residents in Ireland” (June 28, 2013 press release). For more information, please see:
  2. Technology for early detection of irregularities in motor function See “Fujitsu Develops Technology for early detection of irregularities in motor function using a sensory smart house” (March 10, 2015 press release). For more information, please see:

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